Thank you !!

Firstly, hello all, as the title of my thread would suggest I would love to say thank you ! I have been watching the forum for a while now having been officially diagnosed Jan last year - although like many I had a rocky road and knew the summer of 2015 from my MRI’s and lumbar puncture (just had to wait for my neuro to officially diagnose). So in the near 12 months of knowing but waiting for my meds it was these forums that gave me hope and more often than not made me smile.

So I’ve decided to join so I can talk to you to and hopefully reassure someone out there that’s waiting and scared! I’m on plegridy and happy and though the changes MS has bought have been challenging I have plenty to smile about; so hello and hugs to you all x


hi flutterby butterfly

it’s great to receive your thanks.

that was exactly how i felt when diagnosed.

i received lots of support and encouragement from these boards too.

it is never static.

i still have down days but most days are well worth waking up for.

wishing you many good days and the ability to cope with the few bad ones.

carole x

Good morning to you. Hope all is well xxx

Hello Flutterby

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you’ve managed to come to terms with MS really well. Hopefully your experience can calm some newbies nerves a little.


Welcome to this great site. Full of useful information, advice and support.

We all try to help each other.

Keep well.

Jen x

Thank you all I’m enjoying being in such good company xx