Newbie Hello

Hi Everyone,

I have just joined this site and have spent the last hour reading posts and comments and all I can say is I wish I had found this sooner. You people are brilliant with advice, tips and basically listening to someone who need a shoulder to cry on or vent anger. No doubt like a lot of people I thought my only communication was through MS nurse, Neuro and doc but thanks to all of you I do not feel alone anymore.

I look forward to hopefully being able to offer advice on somethings and getting advice from you but for the mo just wanted to let you all know how much you help people

Cheers Clare

Hello…welcome to the family x


im new here also Petal, my wife suffers from RRMS, has done since god knows when,eventually diagnosed in 2011,so were both kinda coming to terms with it I guess,her more than me, but she has found everyone on here to be more than helpful and supportive,she recommended I jump abaoard also and im glad I did,al ot of the posts have reduced me to tears and all of them have been in the positive ,so from a non sufferer but someone who is affected by MS, welcome onboard x

Hello Clare and I am glad that you have found this place; it’s very nice to meet you here, even if we both wish that it had been under different circumstances

I really hope that you’ll continue to contribute to, and benefit from, the collective wisdom of these boards.

Best wishes


hey clare, welcome, you’ll meet alot of good friendly people here, ive found this place to be a god send when i don’t have a clue about something, in my case alot of things, and alot of support when ive needed it, take care, vicki