Hi everyone! I’m new here just wanted too say hello. Plucking the courage to talk about myself it will come soon enough. Lol Keith

Hello and welcome Keith, I am not on a lot but the lovely people on this site are always there to help with any queries I’ve had throughout the years. I am 50 years old and ave had ms for 12 years now. Take care


Hi Keith,

Welcome to the site.

Presume you have MS, hope you’re coping OK. Lots of advice given on this forum so glad you found us.

Admin said a new style page is coming this week.

Hope we all get teleported safely and see everyone on the other side.

Take care.


Hi Keith,

Hope all as OK with you as it can be. This is quite a good spot to gather and share info / experiences.

I have had MS for longer than I haven’t, but still make some monumental mistakes - we never stop learning.

All the best Mick

Hi Keith, welcome to the forum. Im not on here all the time, just pop in now and again for advice or see if I can give any.

Its good to know others in our situation feel the same.

I find it difficult talking to people say at work, as they really don’t get it, so I don’t talk

about it !

best wishes Kim

Hi Keith

congratulations on finding your way here.

I think it is an excellent forum, I started coming here when I was first referred to neurology (2008).

I have been in dark places and was helped through.

I’ve been very silly and became close friends of someone else with the same silly streak.

Hope you get as much from it as I do.

Carole x

Hi Keith, welcome to the forum, look forward to hearing more from you.

Everyone is very helpful and friendly and give their advise and share experiences to help wherever possible - a good place to come.

Hope you are keeping well, A