Just to say Hi

Hello everone. Finally plucked up the courage and got myself on here. Have read many interesting and informative things. I have personally been having a bad time with my ms, as I know many of you also have done. Just thought It would be good to help and support oneanother. Last week was particularly bad, lots of tears and feeling really down. Suddenly realised that life was passing by and felt that I was allways runnning ( i wish!) to catch it up). Think being more or less house bound is now taking its tolls. How do the rest of you cope? I have many hobbies, mainly crafts, but again they are house activities. The fatigue of course is our biggest bug. Do you give in and have rest periods. or do you try and fight back? Would be interested to learn how my fellow buddies cope. After all we are in this together. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome, I am sure you will find this forum both friendly, supportive and there are a lot of people who have brilliant experience and knowledge about MS. Life sucks sometimes with this horrible illness and I am sorry that it keeps you housebound. I am still working but am finding it extremely difficult at times and I know I push myself too hard at times. My problem is that I am such a stubborn cow and won’t give in to it but I don’t think I am doing myself any favours. It is really nice to meet you on here and hope you enjoy being part of this crazy happy family. Karen x

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Hello and welcome,

I too have just started to use this forum and am amazed just how supportive and knowleagable the people on here are. Whatever you post, there is someone out there that knows exactly what you are talking about. It helps massively, you don’t feel so isolated. Supportive friends and family are great but to actually chat to people who understand is worth its weight in gold. Most of my threads to me have sounded like I am wingeing but not once has anyone made me feel a nuisance. There are also some people on here that have a brilliant sense of humour (you know who you are!) and that really lightens up your mood. I for one have learnt a lot from using this forum.

Keep in touch, I am sure you will be able to contribute from your own experiences and help others just as they help you.


Hi Linda, and welcome to the site

Changing from being out there and doing things to being stuck in the house is a damn hard transition, but it’s possible to adjust and to change it back again a bit if you’re up for experimenting. One of the things that’s changed my hermithood (is there such a word??) is this site. I’ve made loads of really good friends on here and met up with various people and I’ve joined my local MSS branch (as well as looking up old friends who are also not working now) - ended up having a pretty good social life! A group of us go to the local gym together a couple of times a week; there are actually quite a lot of disabled people who use it so it’s not unusual to see a few wheelchair users and lots of walking sticks. We also get together for coffee and bbq’s; next planned thing is a poker evening at mine and after that is a visit to Kew Gardens (a scooter convoy :-)).

The other stuff I’m doing at the moment is knitting (well, I sorted out my wool the other day - yet to make a start on anything!) and Maths (trying to save what little mathematical cognitive ability I have left!). I also spend a fair bit of time researching stuff (mainly neurology, but whatever takes my fancy).

I hope the site is as good for you as it has been for me :slight_smile:

Karen x