Hello new here

I been suffering 13 and half years i have no friends just my family wich im thankful for my loving husband for 18 years wich did’nt leave me after I got diagnosed we are still into it together but you need contact with the outside world cause i cannot work or go any where so im stuck at home,

hi mumof3

it’s a slap in the face when you realise that you depend on the goodwill of others.

my family are wonderful and i feel awful thinking it’s not enough, but it isn’t.

i’m still mobile although my wobble is getting so much worse.

i’m feeling down today and i’m dreadfully tired.

my bed is calling.

take care, i have nothing useful to say but hope you feel less alone.

carole x

Thank you and I know how you feel with the family i feel the same way with mine but this group is heping me feel not so alone anymore.

Hi, I’m pleased that we are helping you feel less lonely. It is one of the reasons for the Forum. You can come here whenever you want to and talk about anything. We understand how isolating MS is and we love to exchange ideas or just chat to each other. I hope you can make some friends here. I know I have. Best wishes, Anthony

It has already started to help me thanks


Carol, I am worried. So sorry things are not good for you right now.

i want to bag up all the amazing support you give others and send it your way.

big big hugs

Momof3, so hope you feel better soon,

big hugs

You have lots of new friends now Bea, your not alone, pleased to meet you! Tracey xx

Thanks Sarah Smith since I found this site it is helping me.


Thank you tracey I need it it makes me like a person again