What a lovely and inspirational bunch you are!


I just want to say thankyou to you all. I am a newbie to this site and have posted a couple of messages and I’m amazed at the caring response I’ve had. I wish that I had used it when I first got diagnosed 18 months ago . I had never felt so bewildered and lonely in my life and knew no-one with ms. I work in a large GP health practice which means I have too much information and not enough knowledge and of course I only hear about the worst senarios which frightened me half to death. Its taken me 18 months to come to terms and accept and it’s still ongoing. I have a supportive partner and 2 daughters but desperately needed to talk to someone who actually understands what I feel. It’s good to feel I can unload my worries and get supportive replies without the sympathy. Reading the various threads has been a huge inspiration to me and all I can do is say to you all thankyou so much.

I think this site should have been recommended by the neurologist along with all the recommendations about vitamins diets etc.!


When the format of the forum updated recently we had post after post moaning about how the boards would never be the same again so thank you Sue for your lovely post. It reminds us regulars what it’s all about.

No matter how the beast affects us and no matter how supportive our nearest and dearest NOBODY understands quite like another MSer. It is immensely supportive to read messages of good will when you are at rock bottom and the practical suggestions and in-depth knowledge shared by our community is tremendous. I’ve had MS many years but I still learn new things from these boards. (and get great inspiration from people who face it all with a smile)


hi,im also a newbie to this brilliant site,and am glad ive used it. i became a member of the MS society,and thats where i got the info from. ive had MS also for many years,and still havent quite accepted it. ive learned to live day by day,and do what i can,although i tend to not quit when i should. my husband calls me stubbon and independant!! i agree no one can understand what its like,other than another MSer!!

-yep, I found it very helpful and supportive too. Along your journey you will also find some very important friends/buds who are on your wavelength too. I wouldnt be without them or this site, sharing is caring and together we are strong.

take care,



thanks for that Bren, suddenly i dont feel so isolated anymore, ms is something you can’t ‘go alone’ isn’t it?

you take care too


Hello and Welcome Sue and Catnips,

Thank you on behalf of everyone who uses this site, it is great to be able to unload your fears, worries, rants, moans or whatever and know that we all understand and most likely have been there ourselves. I know when I was first dx this site helped me in such a way that nobody else could.