new to the site

Hi everyone, my name is sherry, I am new to the site and the ms world, I was diagnosed this week with the condition

Hi Sherry, welcome to the club! Hope you find the forum helpful, whether that be for advice or support or just a chat or whatever. Chances are you’ll have a million questions buzzing round your head now, so you’re very welcome to ask as many questions as you need.


Hi welcome, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I only dx in November it’s a surreal time even 6 months down the line I’m still thinking of questions and unsure of lots of stuff

Hi Sherry Welcome to the site,

Sorry to hear about recent Dx and I’m sure your head is in a whirl at the moment…we’ve all been there or are there in the thick of it with you, Dan is right ask as many questions as you need to you’ll get a response and some great advice here.

There is no such thing as a silly question…ask away.

Take care


Sherry and welcome

I hope you find us a fairy easy going bunch and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We also like to gossip about the news, TV shows and family stuff so pop in and chat about whatever ‘floats your boat’. You might also come across the odd joke or two.

Tracey x

Hi Sherry and welcome, As the others have already said any questions or if you feel like having a rant then this is the place, we’ve all been there. Just pop in we’ll listen and hopefully help you. Janet x

Hi Sherry, like everyone else welcome to this site, you will find that everyone is very helpful on here and have certainly helped me in the past.


Hi sherry

welcome to this wonderful forum! I wa dx with prob ms April 2013, and dx with definite ms April 2014! So am still pretty new to this myself.

There are many wonderful, amazing people on here who have helped to keep me sane during some miserable times!

There’s always loads of fantastic advice, and it’s a pretty good place in which to have a rant and rave!

Hope you find us useful!

Freckles x


I’m Vicki aged 36 and I was dx’d in April. There still isn’t a day when MS isn’t the first thing I think of in the morning and last thing at night and I don’t know if that day will ever come but it does get easier,


hi sherry

dx last year and really have found this forum useful. any question ive asked always seems to get either an answer or just some plain old reassurance. welcome

kim x

Hi Sherry,

Welcome to the site - we’re good for MS queries, general health queries, rants & raves, funny stories and hugs are always available.

JBK xx

Hi Sherry and welcome to the forum

Hang in there Vicky. I was just the same but now have the odd day where I hardly think about it. I would never hve thought that posible at one time.

Hi Sherry and welcome to the forum

Hang in there Vicky. I was just the same but now have the odd day where I hardly think about it. I would never hve thought that posible at one time.

Hi sherry Welcome to the exclusive club , that no one wants to join. I was DX in jan 14 and it does get easier with time. The guys on here are great and have been a lifeline for me. Take care Gray x

Hi Sherry I was diagnosed twenty years ago I was daft then and am daft now maybe even dafter spell checker didn’t like dafter hee hee did it again to annoy it DAFTER DAFTER DAFTER it’s got used to it now. Have fun with your MS smile it confuses people great to see the confused look on their face when you say I HAVE MS in cheerful smiley face/voice the looks make me smile even now

Have fun Don

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, I hope everyone is doing well xx

Hi Sherry

Welcome to the MS Club. I was dx last year and the diagnosis was the worst time for me, but I found this site invaluable in support and information. It has taken a while but it certainly gets easier to get your head around.

Jane xx