Hello and thank you

Hello and thank you!

Hello All,

I have been reading the forum for many months; felt like I was a spy, reading but not posting.

Started to reply to a few posts, if I thought I could be of help to anyone.

I haven’t introduced myself before.

Was diagnosed late last year and I must say that you have all helped me enormously, without even knowing.

I have learnt so much from u all; benefits advice,vitamin supps, work etc etc.

So hello and thank you!

From another Clare… there appears to be quite a few of us recently!


Welcome aboard Clare! Chis

Welcome Clare, you’ll fing lots of supportive and friendly people here and sound advice. Plus when times get really hard you can vent your frustrations here and people will understand where yu are coming from. And all this helps you so in good times and bad we are here for each other. United we stand.

:wink: Mary

Welcome Clare, lovely to meet you. Sorry about your dx but glad you have found us, you will get some great support on here. Karen x

Welcone to the last club you ever wanted to join. Wit+Wisdom here,well most of the time

Wb x

Hi Clare, I’ve already replied to your post on limbo land. But welcome again.



Thanks all for your welcome messages…hope you have had a good weekend x

They tell me I had a good weekend. I reckon there was plenty of BBQing, 'cos there was a flavoursome miasma everywhere.As soon as it stops raining the British have to get drunk and eat something burnt in the garden.Bravo.


Welcome Clare,

I was exactly like you and I do tend to dip in and out from time to time. Just wanted to acknowledge the incredible support that is here as well.

I was officially diagnosed in January this year and what a rolller coaster. Got to stay positive (Even when its so hard some times).

Take care

G :slight_smile:

Hi Clare, welcome to the gang! We`re a friendly bunch, who understand how each other feels.

No matter how weird or off the wall you feel, you can be sure there is someone here who feels the same.

luv Pollx

Woblyboy…love your style; my idea of a perfect day…naughty but nice.

Grazo…yes, positive thinking helps. I get the odd tearful moment but think that is needed too. Positive thoughts have kept me sane.