Thanks to all of you replied to my post of being dx on monday with spms.I was first dx with ms jan 6 2011,now that was a bombshell,this is 1 nasty ilness.But like you all said,1 day at a time & keep smiling.And keep that hope of new break thrus,Once again thanks,so kind of you all.You all keep well,stay safe.Best wishes, Steve

Hi Steve,

I didnt see your post but you know what, having ms and being on here, making lifelong friends, you know you can rely on us, to care, share and send you love in dealing with all aspects of ms.

What a wonderful thing to do, acknowledge friendship. I appreciate your good wishes.

Together we are each strong. I wish you well and hope youll be posting often and sharing your life as we do with other lovely msers.

Take care,



Hi Steve,

I’ve just found out that I have SPMS too, thanks to my employers writing to my consultant!!!

I felt like I was back at square 1, until a friend that I met through this site told me to remember that I was still the same person now as I was in the morning I’ve just got a new label. Thanks to Shirley I stopped feeling sorry for myself and got myself together. :slight_smile:

I hope you are feeling better too.

Take care


Hi Jess, not only are you the same person, you are now a more interesting one, `cos we are the really special ones, eh?

luv Pollx

Steve, Jess, so you have both been diagnosed with SP (as I was at some point after having been diagnosed with RRMS first, followed by PP…). What was in your case the decisive ‘breakthrough’ to come to that conclusion if I may ask?

In my case it was the lack of relapses when I was diagnosed (which I must have had in the -very- past I had to conclude then), and when I claimed that IT was there all the time, I was ‘promoted’ to PPMS.

I questioned this as I was pretty sure that THE MS has been there since my teens, and I thought that PP only ‘starts’ later on in life. I was then given the diagnosis of SPMS.

I am still sort of mobile and have balance problems, but thank God I am still able to drive a car (independance!). I have bladder issues which are reasonably controlled by meds (Toviaz at the moment). Suffer from severe fatigue at times, which is usually controlled by Modafinil (not using this at the moment as it does not seem to work together, that is for me possibly because of my family situation, with Citalopram).

I also have medication for pain control. I have declared myself ‘unareaemployable’ not that long ago for the simple reason that I did not have a choice! My condition (wanky legs, cognitive issues, short term memory loss, not to forget non empathic employers and my disabled daughter!) forced me to do so.

SP is a very grey area (OK you all have a point, MS is in most cases…), and would not mind to have a chat now and then. What is for example your personal situation?

Regards, Jos

'unAREAemployable… should read ‘unemployable’… :slight_smile:

Hi Jess

When I received my diagnosis of SPMS (by letter, another story) I hung on to the fact that nothing had changed since the previous day other than I now knew what was causing the problems.

I’m sorry you had to find out the way you did,