thank you ms society!

last night was the bolton branch of the ms society’s christmas meal.

what a lovely event.

i have made lots of good friends there and it was a treat to sit and chat to them and their families.

so thank you

carole x

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brill-glad u enjoyed

carer is taking me to my local ms lunch on wed…we pay for our own but money cant buy the relationships formed…

ellie x

there’s silver lining to any cloud or so they say.

the cloud that is ms has a silver lining in having so many good people!

enjoy you lunch tomorrow, ellie.

carole x

hi carole

i am fibbing! not intentionally-call it confused! meal is next wed…

ha ha!

ellie, dont mean to laugh but i do the same.

my husband always asks me if i’m sure i have the right day and then i get offended.

i even attend appointments at the wrong medical centre.

wish there was a sat nav for going on the right day.

ah well, never a dull moment.

carole x