Im feeling very sad

Well tonight is the very last ms social/Christmas party for the Leeds and district branch.

I started going to them in 2000,when there was a large and thriving ms community now were lucky if there is any more than around 15 or so members every month.

Over the years we have done lots of things from visits to the theatre,meals out and days out too.

I,ve met many amazing people and made a few good friends and today its the end of 15 yrs of socials god i,m gonna miss it as this is the only evening a month that i go out.

I was on the committee for a bit in the past and did a few different jobs along the way.

Well folks thats all i can say for now i,m near to tears writing this i must pull myself together and put on a big brave face go out and have some fun just got to go and do my Christmas cards for tonight then i,m done.

Barbara .xx

Thats so sad for you Barbara

is Bren (Yawn) going tonight i know she normally goes to them.

make this a good night to remember and raise a glass for me.

Cheers. Merry Christmas.

love J x

I do hope so Bren is one of my friends i will tell her you said hello i,m ready now and waiting for the transport to get here ,i,m usually the first pick up on the route,so have to be ready early.

Thanks MrsJ


Well can`t a few of you meet up and still have a good evening out?



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hi barbara

sad that a city the size of leeds has not only lost its ms therapy centre in a fire but is also going to be without its ms social.

as poll says, stay in touch with each other by email and arrange to meet up regularly.

for example, the first tuesday in the month.

then find a reasonably priced venue which is accessible.

get it started as soon as possible and good luck.

iā€™m meeting with the ladies with lesions (a facebook group) on friday at the local harvester.

it just needs one person to get in touch with the others.

that person has changed a few times since i got involved but we still meet up.

carole xx

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so sad-i hope you still manage to keep in contact with some.

ellie x

sent you a PM Barbara.

J x

Thanks Carole i think thats the plan that we find somewhere we can all meet and just have a night out with a few of the others we just have to find a place thats dissabled friendly and not to far from everyone,but i think it will be when the winter is over and the weather gets a bit better .


Thanks Polly i think that is the plan but were going to wait till spring to do arrange this and find a place thats dissabled friendly and not to far from everyone, i just hope we can find a venue that suits everyone.



the West Yorkshire ms therapy centre in Leeds is back up and running at new premises in Leeds. Opened late 2014. See . Also on Facebook & Twitter.

More patients than ever now for more than MS alone. Give them a call to arrange a visit.