It's nearly Christmas!

Happy Christmas/ marry Christmas/ surviving Christmas/ getting through Christmas. Which it is and I expect there are other ways to put it, the biggest of hugs to everyone with ms or the fear/belief they have it but are not Dignoseed.

The main thing I want to do is say a big big Thankyou to those of you who have given me support this year.

The very best possible Christmas to one and all, hugs


Can I mirror Sarah;s post and wish everyone a happy Christmas whether you are celebrating it with gusto or just wishing it was over! Remember which ever way you feel about it it is just one day so be kind to yourselves and do it YOUR way! Don’t stress and don’t overdo it (I am talking about running yourself ragged here rather than staying off the gin! I shall definitely be overdoing the gin; amongst other things!)

And thank you so much to all those that have held my hand through the process of diagnosis.Your advice and knowledge has made the journey so much less scary. Whilst the future is uncertain for all of us I feel that the positivity,advice and support that is found here is invaluable. I am not glad to have MS but I am very glad to have ‘you guys’

Love to you all xxx