Absolutely Exhausted!

I am amazed how much worse I feel this Christmas. I have now finished all the prezzie shopping and food shopping.

I can’t believe how much more exhausted I feel compared to other years. I know my MS has become increasingly worse but I am shocked at how exhausted I feel today.

How are you all dealing with the preps for Christmas? Better than me I hope.

Take care of yourselves and don’t overdo it like I did.

Shazzie xx

Shazzie, just as bad as you, wish I could just have a pj day on Thursday, don’t think thats gonna happen though!! Am currently vegging out on the sofa for the first time today, unable to move, Overdone it :frowning:


Sadly my MS has defo gone down hill since last year. I haven’t finished my shopping yet and will venture out tomorrow morning for a short time.

The worse thing for me is that I feel so fed up about things at the moment and totally lack motivation. I think it’s MS that taken over my life. I must cheer up as I don’t want to drag others down.

Hey maybe i’m just tired!!!

Sue xx

hi shazzie and the others

my ms is worse too especially the fatigue.

strange thing is that my nearest and dearest still don’t understand how awful fatigue is.

anyway i have bought very few presents and i’m not cooking christmas dinner.

tomorrow i’m delivering my present for a very special baby boy.

he is the newest grandchild of my darling friend, kath.

​his name is monty and i need my monty fix!

carole x

Hi Shazzie

Things have slowly changed for me too with my MS over this last year.

Now that you have sorted your presents, I hope you can find time to relax a bit more.

Enjoy this special time with your family Shazzie, including your lovely dog of course. I bought my daughter’s dog Lucy a teddy…she loves to open presents

Christmas ((((((hugs))))))

in complete agreement with some of the above posts. Yes, my Ms also has deteriorated+ have been feeling all the way long ‘can’t cope’. It started with the cards, then the presents and today finally realised: I cannot cope with X-mas!

Hi everyone I was only saying a few days ago how this time last year I felt better, this fatigue at the moment is at its worse, luckily my hubby is doing dinner, just as well he enjoys it, as I feel ill just sitting and watching him.

hopping every one has a better new year x


I only have to cook Christmas dinner every other year and it’s a team effort with my husband. I normally think of it as just an extra large roast but this year it has exhausted me. Final straw was dropping a bowl of freshly mashed swede on the floor.

I think the 2 year gap has helped hide how much worse my fatigue and clumsiness have become.

Loved everything else about the day though. Especially watching the kids open their presents.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. xx

Hugs back Jen ((((Hugs)))).

I have noticed I struggled a lot more yesterday than other years Annelda. I did try not to ruin the day for the rest of the family so put my sparkly tiara on and keps a happy smile on my face but I must admit I am looking forward to a lazy day today.

Shazzie xx

i so get where you’re coming from!

at least we have each other to understand and empathise.

carole x