Is anyone else knackered..

Hi guys, I’m usually know for my positive attitude but I am knackered! The things that I would normally do I can’t MS gorilla is huge! So much so I’m off to bed and hope to feel better lots of love M

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Hope you’re feeling much better today M?

Tis the season to be knackered!! Hope you have a great Christmas.

Nina x


Hi M

The answer is yes …totally knackered, but I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Pam x


Yep whacked!!!

Christmas comes but once a year… thank God…

Merry Crimble hon,

Pat xx

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I must admit that I actually hate Christmas, unless it’s a very quiet one. Normally I feel better at cooler times of year, as warm weather makes me more fatigued, but things can be so over the top at Christmas… Too many unhealthy things to eat, staying up too late, too many people around all day long, the pressure to appear happy and jovial at all times… The latter is definitely too much for me, especially first thing in the morning before breakfast. As Pat said - it’s thankfully only once a year.

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i am with you lapwing, managed to get out of family get together and then was told dont want to leave you lonely, please leave me bored

Cheers guys, I had a lovely Christmas. If I see another blue cheese I’ll screamwhy did everyone think blue cheese? Now IF it had been chocolate that would have been great and ‘normal’. Love you guys, stay safe M

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Yep, tried to pace myself through the Christmas holidays but MS won, completely knackered