always this time of year

Is it just me? Always at this time of year I feel shocking. Extra tired. Extra achy. Extra weak. Guaranteed. Humbug :frowning:

Hi Helen,

No, definitely not just you.  I dread this time of year - and January and February still to come.

It's my peak time for relapses, but I seem to feel grottier than usual, even when I'm not having a relapse.

Everything aches more, I have more cramps, and no energy at all.

I've had a permanent sniffle since about November, without it ever developing into a full-blown cold, so I wonder if these constant low-level infections are aggravating my MS.

Or is it all just psychological?

Whatever it is, I can't wait for the first glimpse of Spring.  I planted up a hanging basket full of Spring bulbs today.  It only took about ten minutes, but it was a real effort to get motivated enough to do it.  I'm hoping the shoots will show quite early in the New Year, and give me a bit of encouragement.



Hi all,

Reading this while sitting at home missing a drinks party. Third party in three days - can't take the pace any more and can't stand up all night, stiff legs (not due to alcohol).

If I get to run down I will be knocked flat and I am cooking Christmas meal for 9. 

We will get through it all but only if we pace ourselves.

Indoor hyacinths sprouting -will be flowering after Christmas!!

Jen x


It’s good to know it’s not just me. I thought that by anticipating relapses and feeling bad I was bringing it on myself!
I missed my works do as I cannot stand up for long periods, but my true friends, the 3 who really understand, are coming to mine for a takeaway next week and I shall enjoy that a lot more. So I know what you mean jen!

Hears to helping and supporting all our family and friends who too are trying to kick the habit in the new year!

Don't forget your Vitamin D at this time of the year Helen.Even if you don't normally take it it's worthwhile for a few months.



Thanks sue, I will get some tomorrow!


Interesting you should say that, as I have had that very same thought at this time of year for a few years now. I wondered if it may have something to do with having the heating on?  Last week I had a bit of a funny turn, it was something that I have never experienced before, so I spoke to my GP about it, she was ever so good, she called the neuro's to get me seen and despite them trying to fob us off, she was insistant enough to get me an appointment for this Thursday.



I’m sure you’re not bringing it on yourself, Helen. Although stress can aggravate symptoms, I don’t believe you can cause a relapse by worrying about it (any more than you can prevent one, by thinking positive). What will be will be. MS is a physical illness, not a psychological one, and you can’t cause (or prevent) lesions by what you think, or what you feel.

Interesting what you said about the party. I’ve not been invited to any this year (work haven’t done one for years and years), but last year, at this time, I went to a cocktail party, and I seriously think it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to contend with. Because you don’t get to sit down, you’ve got to hold stuff the whole time as well, like your plate and your drink, and you’re expected to circulate, and talk to people, at the same time! Strange that I didn’t expect the party to be challenging, because you don’t immediately think of it as very physically demanding. But it’s all the standing about. I wonder who first came up with the idea of throwing a party, where you all have to eat standing up? What a bizarre idea!



Oh yes - i feel crap at this time of the year - i had a good nights sleep but still feel shattered - roll on the Spring.........



Me too, i always have a relapse this time of year and have done  for the last 5 years,

feeling really bad and have been for weeks now, so looks like a relapse is well on its way,oh joy !!!


I dread winter more and more each year, roll on spring/summer, when i dont feel too bad.


Merry xmas.


jaki  xx

you are not on you're own, that why this year my hubby is taking me to Spain over xmas and the year, just for a bit more warmth, and I'm just hoping things will improve, take good care, Jean x

I have been to holland and barratt and got my vit D - it’s half price at the moment. Fingers crossed that it will take some positive effect!
Love and hugs to everyone,
take care and enjoy christmas :slight_smile:

I think it is the central heating to be honest. For me anyway. Its always the same as soon as I finally turn it on, the extra buzzing and tingling and fatique gets going lol.

Me too! I am sure that I must look like I feel - a snail in honey!