Relapse for xmas

Merry christmas to me from the MS gods - they have deemed fit to give me numb left hand side of face, muffled hearing, MS Hug, weak-achy-burning legs, brick foot as I call it (its like standing on 2 bricks), complete fatigue and a partridge in a pear tree.

My god I am fed up, I haven’t a bad year I suppose but then it hits me at Christmas, had a really good 2 weeks planned, but am now busy cancelling everything.

Sorry, I just fancied a moan. I should be use to it by now 20 years in, but bloody hell it doesn’t half pick it’s moments.

Hi belly1. I know what you mean. Try to plan a holiday, get invited anywhere , that seems to be when you then feel at your worst. It’s not a moan, it’s just how you feel so don’t worry about that. Hope it passes soon and you get to enjoy christmas. Best wishes and take care of yourself. Lynn x

Hi belly 1,

what rotten timng but then again there’s never a good time for a relapse! Hopefully by new year things will have begun to settle and you might be in a better place to face 2014,

Take care of yourself and best of luck x


Do you think you were getting stressed in the run up to xmas? I find my symptoms get far worse when I’ve been under stress. Hope you feel better soon but the timing is rotten, typical…

same here im just starting one,i had the norovirus 7 weeks ago, and i knew about 6 to 8 weeks after it,that i would get a relapse,ive just caught a stinker of a cold too,and cant stand up,i knew i was going to have a bad time of it for xmas,will just have to try and make the most of it,really,not much we can do about it, annoying and im 22 years into it,and am not used to it yet.

J x

I don’t think it is xmas stress related ( I am a bloke, so you ladies would probably say we don’t do anything to prepare for it anyway lol!, so what would I have to get stressed about), I did start a new job a couple of months ago which has been quite stressful so it could be related to that.

I have a theory which is possibly hogwash that using your brain too much can bring on a relapse, I have had to retrain from doing a physical job to an office based one, and whenever I have had exams or started some training ( basically anything that has involved me using my brain) I seem to have a relapse.

So I am going to try out my new theory and from now on try to use my brain as little as often ( Which you women folk will probably think will come easy to a bloke, lol.)

Cheers for all the kind words, I just needed to vent, it’s not often I get fed up with it but today I am, bloody MS.

Hi hun you sure its not just an exacerbation rather then a true relapse? You know what you guys are like, get a cold then its flu lol.

The christmas period regardless of whether we are male or female, can cause stress which can trigger off pseudo relapses in our condition.

Mine have gotten worse this week, but i am going to walk through it as well I can. DONT LET your MS dictate your life. Go on out and tell it to bog off lol…

You might as well enjoy yourself with your dead foot etc its still going to be there whether you do or not, so drag it out and go and have a bit of fun. Oh and yeh when did men use their brains he he…now thats funny lol.

Big hugs and Merry Xmas.

Same here - usually feel wiped out by Christmas - dark, wet, cold weather and MS fatigue, upset stomach etc - goes on and on as usual… but heads up and I wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a healthy new year…x