Stress ??

Hi, I am a little confused!

does stress cause relaps


does stress cause symptoms without it being a relaps ?

Yes and yes it can. Stress is never a good thing. All information on ms states avoiding stress and stressfull situations is preferable.

I had my first attack and what they think is a relapse (waiting on an mri to confirm) around times when I was really stressed. Whether they caused it or not I don’t know, but recently I find my symptoms get worse (or I have bad days) when I get stressed again.

The recent log weekends and taking some time off work has reduced my stress levels and I’m having more good days. Whether they are related I don’t really know, but staying as stress free as possible is making everything more manageable.


Hi Sarah,

As Poppy said - yes & yes.

I’ve recently been going through a very stressful situation and my MS Nurse and Doctors have said that some of my MS symptoms have flared up and heightened due to this but not necessarily a relapse.

I’ve been ‘advised’ to reduce my stress levels as it really should be avoided but that’s easier said than done sometimes :-/

Hope this helps in some way.

Twinkle Toes x

It would be cool if it was always possible to avoid stress !

i am very stressed right now.

I was just feeling stressed, now my ms symptoms are making themselves known I am also scared. !

I’m sorry you’re feeling really stressed now Sarah, is there anybody with you, or somebody you can ring and talk to?

Your MS symptoms will flare up more because you’re so stressed try to relax and please don’t be scared.

I’ve just thought, are you able to ring the MS Society’s helpline as they’ll be able to offer you more advice - helpline 0808 800 8000

Twinkle Toes x

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I am a born worrier and stress a lot. I found yoga and meditation really helped me. When it’s particularly bad, I list what is stressing me. Then I methodically go through it asking myself, is it really important? Is it life threatening? Is it MY problem? Can I do anything to change it? I give it an allocation of 5 minutes. No more! Then put it away and find something productive to do. Clean the kitchen sink or tidy out a drawer, any small thing. It’s a double win. Thoughts distracted and a nice job done! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for your replies. Probably more stressed at the idea of having a relaps than the original issue. But, ms symptoms shouting at me sort of help to evaluate what’s important.

Im very aware of how public this sight is & although I don’t use my real name I try to stay ‘un identifiable’. Hence not explaining.

But, thank you, I suppose I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Stress is bad news at the best of times, and particularly with ms. Most if not all of my relapses have happened during stressful periods. I got into meditation 3 years ago and touch wood haven’t had a relapse since and most of the time I have no symptoms. It could be luck or it could be the meditation but either way I’m not taking any chances so I’ll keep meditating! X

Would agree totally that bad stress will set off a relapse, so try to keep people, and other elements that may cause it as far away as possible.