Do any of you get relapses or new symptoms when stressed even if you don’t know your stressed, going on holiday for example? And do they go back to normal after your hols?



hi ann

i KNOW that my symptoms get worse if i’m stressed.

my ms nurse would not class it as a relapse though.

only if you get new symptoms or worsening of old symptoms and provided that you don’t have an infection, would it be classed as a relapse.

i know that stress is bad because it causes my fingertips to tingle.

try to ditch any stressful situations or people.

i did this early on soon after my dx.

a bit ruthless not wanting to see some people any more but i felt that i had to look after myself!

it did help me to appreciate the friends who do not make me feel stressed and i will cherish them until my dying day.

carole x

if it’s an upcoming holiday you’re feeling anxious about, then plan it carefully e.g. get assistance from the airline,

you can also avoid the queuing in the airport.

enjoy your hols xxx

stress is indeed very much a factor in my opinion and experience.

the level and duration of stress is also proportional to the severity of relapse too.

Thanks for replying Carole and Paolo the off balance feeling is a new symptom for me, and thinking back every Ms clinic I get some kind of symptom the same day as going but didn’t connect it at the time.But last time I did mention it to my Ms nurse and she said its stress having to come here! I knew she was right as it gone by evening.

I would like to buy some urine sticks to keep at home so if I think I have an infection I can test without having to get to doctors to do it as they are always full and phoning them is terrible as last time I was on phone for 45 mins on hold. Does anyone know what they are called as while I’m in. Crete I could buy some as its so cheap over here .

Sometimes, I think stress is the bloody reason that I have MS and life can be very stressful and best avoided, if possible…

Hello, I buy urine test sticks from Amazon.

Health Mate 10 Parameter Professional/ GP Urinalysis Multisticks Urine Strip Test Stick Strips - Pack of 100 Strips


My MS nurse said they can go out of date fairly quick and have a use by date on the side of the container.

Yes I have been affected by stress and it triggered a major relapse of mine. I didn’t know I had MS at the time so didn’t know the stress and the symptoms were connected. I have adapted my life to being as non-stressful as possible although I know some situations or life events it may be difficult to reduce stress or cut it out all together.

I stepped back from the people in my life who I felt were causing me stress and anxiety. I have to think of my health and it feels good to be more aware and assertive in life. I wish I had done that years ago before getting MS.


Stress is a massive reason for MS symptoms to worsen.

If possible, keep well away. As soon as you feel you are getting stressed, take a step back I do.

Have a nice hol and relax.

Shazzie xx

Hi, stress makes me feel weak and then sometimes it can give me a power surge…sometimes when my temper erupts or i witness injustice, I can really get het up. Then when i calm down, I am mentally exhausted and bodily tired…so i have a lie down!


ps you know when the various neuros couldnt come up with a correct diagnosis for me, I asked if stressed could`ve caused my problems. I was under a helluva lot of stress at work…so much so that 70% of my hair fell out. Then the falls started and the rest, as they say, is history!

These neuros didnt agree and said something organic would be easier to find…did they? did they chuff!


What I find absolutely astonishing is that NICE the people who write guidelines for treating MS do not recognise stress as effecting MS.

It is very easy to become stressed and anxious with certain symptoms such as vertigo and eye symptoms. I know this from experience. The whole aim I thought was to minimise relapses, symptoms, nerve damage and progression.

I am considering a petition as there are many MSers effected by stress and these NICE treatment guidelines need to reflect this.

I was telling someone the other day my body is ultra sensitive to stress and infections with MS. Stress doesn’t help me anymore, although I think it did by giving me energy/drive before getting MS.

I used to work in high pressure telesales years ago on an automatic dialling system , phone call after phone call selling. Then for over five years I worked in complaints, people phoning in swearing at me. Then I got MS.

Fatigue, heat and anxiety can all make particular old MS things flare up temporarily, I find. Usually things that aren’t there at all, day to day. Really weird. At the start, I used to panic that it was a new relapse coming on, but I’ve now got used to it and don’t worry so much.

I think that learning some stress-management techniques is a really useful thing for a person with MS to do. There isn’t any way of avoiding stress - it’s just part of life. I came to the conclusion that I was getting stressed by the (impossible!) task of trying to avoid stress. These days I spend less energy trying to avoid it and more time trying to deal with it better.


Free online edx course on stress management and becoming a resilient person.

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