I know stress is bad for ms,and i have had a lot in the last 2 weeks,what with losing my best mate to cancer, but does anyone think it would bring on a case of neuralgia.Feel absolutely poo today.Was meant to go to a wedding reception this evening,and how im feeling today i dont think i will bother.

Sorry for moaning,im feeling sorry for myself today kim


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

Many people find stress increases their symptoms, but there’s no conclusive evidence about whether it actually induces relapses - partly because it’s so difficult to study. You’d need to follow people over a very long period of time, and ask them to keep some kind of stress diary. You’d also need to somehow allow for the fact some people get more stressed than others, and by different things. Just a factual diary of events in their lives might not be a good indication of how stressed they were.

I had a relapse following a bereavement - but a few weeks later, not instantaneous. I’ll never know for sure if there was any connection, but I have my suspicions. But as a relapse can occur any time, without obvious trigger, I also have to accept it might have been complete coincidence.

I sometimes find socialising difficult - particularly if it’s going to be noisy and crowded, and not one-to-one. Sometimes having to go to an “unwanted” social event makes me feel worse. Do you think you’re getting a bit wound-up about having to go out tonight? Might be an idea to give it a miss, if you really don’t feel like it.


Hi, am also really sorry to hear about your friend. I’m with Tina as also have suspicions re effect of stress/ upset and the onset of a relapse or symptoms. Wish they could do some kind of definitive study so at least we’d have more of an idea on what to look out for but doubt it will happen. MS is so varied, affecting people in so many ways that what goes for one person probably doesn’t for another. Take care.

Hello darlin, oh what sad news. Yes, I am sure stress will worsen our symptoms. That is awful for you.

Sending a hug


luv Pollx

Thanks everyone for replying.I have decided not to go,Its going to be a shame since i have known the woman who got married today,since she was a baby.I wouldnt enjoy myself with the pain.So im going to play a few games on the computer and have a early night.Hopefully the codeine will kick in.If not i will have a large glass of whiskey. x