Well, I did say I wouldn’t be back, but here I am after something of a struggle to simply log on, never mind read posts. When I was diagnosed and told bluntly that there was no cure and no treatment I asked if I could do anything to help myself. I was told, equally bluntly -
Avoid heat
Avoid stress
Avoid exercise and
If you get an infection get it treated.

It seems stress might be a factor in triggering relapses, but what about Stress triggering MS in the first place? Any thoughts?

Exercise, stress and heat is good for everone but just in moderation!
Know your limits with it all. I sit outside in the sun untill, I’m warm. With hat, sunglasses and sun cream. I feel good about it and the day becomes positive.

Stress makes you feel alive! But if your symptoms worsen then you have gone too far.
I’m lucky, I can walk up hills and mountains for up to 20 miles, I can run 10k under an hour and walk or run every day. It releases the endorphins and gives me a legal high.
I pushed it too far 2 days ago walking up to 780metres in the heat, now I’m taking it easy. I live in the highlands so it would be an insult not to go out!
I do believe an excess of stress can be a trigger for many diseases and illnesses so keep it in check and live life to the full safely.
I was in a wheelchair at the beginning (25 years old) and plan not to go back into one anytime soon (49 now). Good luck

Hi there. The advice to avoid exercise is a new one for me. As I understand it, that advice is something that used to be given but thinking now is that exercise is desirable - beneficial. Certainly don’t overdo it but some aerobic activity and some strength building activity is heavily advised by my MS Nurse and service and they arranged a free pass to the local gym and swimming pool.

As for stress, I certainly do think that long term stress could have been behind my initial relapse which is not to say it was the cause so much as a trigger that activated an already sensitive/ MS inclined immune system. I do make a point of relaxing through meditation- anything to keep the immune system calm!

Thanks. It’s 15 years ago now, and the advice was out of date then! I enjoy the sunshine and warmth but don’t overdo it like I used to (I was a sun worshipper for years). At the time of diagnosis I felt like I’d been told to go home, sit down and wait for paralysis! So I joined a gym, having decided that not using my body would not help. I have deteriorated, but I’m doing my best

Took a while but I can now reply, I was told to ‘learn to grin and bare it’ tough love ???
We have survived covid, PPMS should be a breeze! Take care ,be safe :heart: Mxx