Symptoms or stress?

Good evening and thank you for reading.

i have been really dizzy headed lately. I know I am a little down at the moment, my mum has myeloma and is quite poorly but wondered as I am feeling so rubbish if it was a relapse or just stress. Really tired/can’t be bothered (not like me) house a tip but can’t get on top of it and so uninterested in anything really. I apologise for such a depressing post but any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Sue x

hi orchid

that sounds so much like my life at the moment.

the weather doesnt help, all this rain, rain and more rain.

i’ve decided to hibernate.

seriously the best thing you can do is get lots of rest.

i have a poorly son and it does take it out of you.

i’m not actually doing anything for him but the worry is getting me down.

thinking of starting a sloth society!

carole x

Hi Carole, I would join, no problem - think I could do with a holiday xx

If your MS is anything like mine (and let’s face it, it probably isn’t but…) i don’t think it is an ‘either… or’ situation; My MS symptoms can be provoked BY stress and so what you might have, is a bit of both.

Life can provide us with a wealth of things to spend time and energy worrying about. Several of these things are beyond our control, but there are also many others which can be controlled, if only procrastination wasn’t a more accessible alternative.

Your house is a mess and so is mine. I don’t care and thus wouldn’t ever mention such in a post like this. You however, did mention it and so i might suggest you work to get on top of it. Not because it needs to be done, but because it would make you feel better once it is done.

Fatigue can be a problem of course, so set yourself out to do a little, but often. Your current disinterest is possibly due to a sense of the challenges being unsurmountable.

I suspect that you know what you need to do to feel better about your current situation. You just need to find the mental frame of mind that will allow you to put the necessary processes into action.

Good luck!

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Hello, Sue.

Our house is a mess too and my wife is able-bodied and very active. But we do have a three-year-old daughter and there is no time in the day for too many domestic chores. Whilst I will admit this is a much nicer scenario than having to care for poorly relatives (and I wish them all the best), I find it really hard dealing with the fatigue and sense of uselessness.

After talking to the doctor about this and my tendency to fly off the handle and spud on my sofa with my hands on my head declaring that nobody cared or understood, he put me on anti-depressants. Now they don’t offer a magic cure but they help make life a little more padded. Now I find I can do a little more-not too much but enough to help, and I’ve found new determination for losing weight.

As I don’t know what medication you’re on, I can’t say how helpful this advice is but please take some hope from it.

Sending hugs (((((((((((((((((((( :slight_smile: )))))))))))))))))))))))))

Best wishes, Steve.