'Some' emotions shown for Christmas 'affect' my MS!

Christmas is all very well if you are ‘healthy’ but some ‘emotions’ put my MS ‘on edge’ - it’s ‘possibly’ the added ‘bustle’ that affects me but Merry Christmas anyway!


Marcus,this is what sherry,egg nog,snowball, mulled wine chocolate liqueures etc where invented for…You look like you are in the festive spirit,but you are actually keeping your spirit levels up and taking the ‘edge’ off.

You are right though and it can be a dodgy time.I find that good organisation of those that can helps, as sherry and egg nog don’t get from the shops by themselves


Yeah Marcus my MS is already playing up. Same every xmas. Trying to just shrug it off and not get stressed… but have already changed turkey order 3 times today. Huh!

It will soon be over. Hang on in there (I’m saying this to myself and to you also… like a mantra, over and over again…)

Pat x

Christmas ALWAYS stresses me out, i dont know why, because i dont feel stressed at all, over it, i dont worry about it, dont have any money problems, and everything is bought and wrapped,and food on order from tescos for delivery on thursday, so i am well organised,but i still get ill so WHY ???

I just dont know why, but christamas always makes me ill,i cant wait for the spring/summer i feel so much better that time of year.

jaki xx