Pain and Fatigue!!


I am so sorry to moan but … hey I’m having such a bad time! My legs are giving me such grief - I can hardly move and they just ache so much!

I’m also so tired all the time and feel like death warmed up!

Christmas is a pretty stressful time and I just can’t motivate myself to buy some gifts or even to just be cheerful!!

I just want to feel better!

Sorry for moaning that I know you guys will understand! xx

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I’m lucky there. Always disliked Christmas. I get the fatigue and past year pins and needles type numb in hand. Only pain is headache which seems to be worse when things change…

Hi eeyoregirl Fatigue is the pits! I’ve found it best to just pace your self use a time maybe set it for 10 minutes to start with and see what you can do in that time. Stop beforehand if your struggling listen to your body it’s hard to do I know but after a while you will get to know your limitations. I find if I push myself to much it just makes the fatigue worse in The long run. Youncan gradually increase your time but make sure you have regular rests inbetween. If you think you have an infection or are really fatigued then rest for a couple of days if possible. I’ve had my ms for approx 9 years and find at my best I can do about 30 minutes at a time then rest for 15 Have you had your ms long? Aching legs! I get these quite often usually in the mornings but are not painful. Have you asked your ms nurse if theirs anything you can take to help with the pain? Ann x

eeyoregirl, moan away, when you feel that bad, moaning can bring a bit of relief. You know that we probably understand better than most how you are feeling. I try to alternate between busy days and rest days and when I am extra busy I tend to do stuff in bursts punctuated by equal rest periods. After nearly 30 years I have some strategies but I still find that I get things badly wrong sometimes. So far I have been lucky enough to have no MS pain. I do have “normal” getting old type discomfort and I also have discomfort due to the effects of walking like a penguin but nothing serious or long term. If chemical meds do not help it might be worth thinking about other therapies.

I wish you all the best and hope that you don’t have a tough time at Christmas. Family time can be good but can also be very energy sapping, give yourself enough recharge time so that you can enjoy some good times.


Hiya Thanks for your replies! They do help. I’ve had MS for 26 years and it has gradually got worse, I’ve gone downhill fairly slowly so I suppose I should be grateful for that? But some days I just need to rest all day - it’s so frustrating as I don’t get anything done! I do take pain killers but they give me a stomach ache! Think I just miss being active and able to move around. Yes I guess Christmas is a stressful time - it’s only 2 weeks away now! Thanks again for your messages and I hope you have a great time!! xx

I love your namex

Life sucks but moan away Christmas just makes things worse. Be safe and take care M x

you have my sympathies, I too suffer like this, constant day after day, I’ve been dx’d 13yrs and went straight in at SPMS. Hoping for sativex to see if that will help.

Take care, Jean

Hi Eeyoregirl,

I know just how you feel. I’ll start to do things, then after no time i’ll want to just lay down and rest.

I;ve been spending hours and hours on the Internet looking for somewhere else to live. I like where i am.

It’s a nice house, it’s a fairly nice are, but it’s just to big for me. I’d really like a bungalow., and should i move.

But just the thought of having to pack everything into bags & boxes, and i know i’d never be able to lift things.

So for moment i think i’m staying, but i have started to declutter, there must be about 25/30 binnags of stuff, out in the garage waiting for the charity shop to pick-up. And there’s still lots more. I came across the tree and Christmas decorations and thought … why bother !! Who is going to see it ?

I just can’t be bothered.