Hi everybody, I hope you are all well. I am struggling at the moment. I am in so much pain in my legs. Also fatigue has once again reared its ugly head rendering me fit for nothing. I look round the house and I have so much to do but I have no energy to do anything. This is definitely not like me. Even going for a shower and washing my hair feels like a major task. I just want to hide away from everything and everyone. I’ve been diagnosed with spms recently and it has knocked me for six. I was only formally dx last April.

So sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Like you I have SPMS and often feel the way you do, I look around at what needs doing and say to myself it won’t hurt staying like it for another day. Then the next day suddenly you have the energy to do these jobs. Dust will always return even after you’ve you have just dusted so don’t let it get to you, it’s not important.

I suggest you have a word with either your MS nurse or gp about the pain in your legs they will advise or give you something for it. Don’t lose heart.

hope you feel better soon.



It’s awful when we feel this way, I try to do just one thing at a time if I try to do more the very thought defeats me. As for my hair I wash it let it air dry then straighten it, it isn’t perfect but it works for me and means I don’t have to do everything in one go.

As Janet says to your Nurse or GP about the pain they may be able to help. Hope things settle down for you soon.

Jan x

Hi vinnygirl

Do see your gp about the pain in your legs. I’m sure there will be something to help ease the problem.

Fatigue is the pit’s. I would try not to worry too much about what needs doing round the home-is there anyone that can help?

Of course, I’ve just told you a big fat lie there. It drives me nut’s that I can’t do housework like I used to but yah just have to accept it or find ways round it.

Sorry things seem to be moving fast for you with the MS. Have a chat with your MS nurse…it’s a bummer isn’t it?


Take it easy


Hi, thanks for the replies. I’m seeing my neuro on Monday and I’m going to ask his advice. I went to a pain clinic and the consultant there told me to double the gabapentin to 3600mg a day. I tried but felt like a zombie so returned to my 1800mg dosage. The only thing it helps with is the burning sensation in the soles of my feet. I take amitryptiline at night but I’m having constant disturbed sleep due to pain. Baclofen and lamotregine have had no effect either. I want to cry with frustration because of this chronic pain. I’m also now having trouble with my left hand. It has a continual burning sensation almost like I’ve been scalded with hot water…so is that a sign that the gabapentin is losing its affectivity? I’m sorry to harp on but I’m really, really, fed up :frowning:

You are not ‘harping’ on vinnygirl. Please don’t think that, I feel frustrated for you

That’s why we are all here, to listen and support each other through the bad and the bit better times.

Chronic pain get’s us all down that suffers from it. I’m used to a certain level…what I call my normal but sometimes when the pain is that bad from my arthritis, coupled with the MS makes me just want to stay in bed.

I do hope on Monday the neuro can help you.


Thanks Blossom. I’ll do my best to keep positive. Once I see the neuro I hope I’ll get some form of relief. Xxx

Have you ever had reflexology or an Indian head massage. A lot of therapist are mobile and will come to your home.

It’s just a thought to help you relax a little bit.

I’m trained in Indian head massage, although I can’t do them any longer. One of my friends with health problems used to find them relaxing.

Do you know you can ask you gp to refer you to the local Red Cross for a free six week 1 hour free treat of therapeutic shoulder/neck massage. I used to volunteer for them. You can ring the red cross yourself if you like and enquire.