everything fatigued?

Hello, I’m struggling. I’m so tired. My legs work stiffly for so long then I stumble more and more. When I get home from work I can just creep around the furniture like an old lady. On a morning I can walk the mile to work but end of the day, splat, I can hardly move. My eyes make things blurry a lot, if I concentrate I can focus but not for long. My hands get more painful as the day goes on and trying to do pelvic floor exercises, I can’t even feel my pelvic floor. The last few days one of my legs has started to feel like its vibrating. Even checked to see where my phone was the first time it happened.this is as soon as I try to walk faster or after approx 300metres. I feel like a wreck, 3 stone over weight and a lovely coldsore too. There is no ms nurse in my area. Should I harrass my dr or see if things get better. I was dx at xmas but although things improved after my first episode, lots os symptoms remained. Over the last 2 years I seem to be on a sliding scale gradually getting worse, then a little improvement but always slightly worse than before. Nothing I can say is a definite relapse. Any advice? Was never told which type of ms, just a letter to confirm ms.I take pregabalin. Haven’t been offered dmds. Lynn

hi tonka

the health service hasnt come through for you at all.

get onto your gp to write to your neuro (or you phone him/her) and get you an appointment fast.

i suppose i’m lucky to live in sunny (not) greater manchester.

i was dx in october and january saw my neuro to get me on dmds and my ms nurse.

that was 2008

good luck and take care

carole x

Hi Tonka, sorry things are so rotten. Like Carole said you need to see your neuro pronto so get your GP to contact them or maybe there is an MS relapse clinic you can self refer to now you’ve been diagnosed - mine is every other Tuesday for instance? I’m sure there are things that can help with your symptoms. One bit of advice, and I know I am terrible at this myself, make sure you are brutally honest with how things are when you speak to your doctor. For me, especially in the early years from diagnosis I always said “oh I’m coping, It could be worse” etc etc when actually things were a blinking nightmare and I was struggling on and putting on a brave face! So be as honest with your doctor as you’ve been with us would be my best advice to you and good luck xx

Thanks for the replies, I’ll try to get appointment to see dr. I know some people are much worse and I can do things but its like running a marathon everyday. I know on here everyone knows how I feel so its easier to talk on here. Thanks Lynn