Hi everyone, I have been experiencing very bad pain, especially in my legs, alongwith buzzing, they can feel heavy and weak at times also. Everyday is a struggle, im angry, sad, hate this. I cry and rock myself like a baby. I was refused dla on appeal, the panel was agressive and personal as the dla had used evidence when i was unwell, due to abuse i suffered, that i never wanted to go into detail on, because it was horriffic. I’M having help to challenge this as my welfare rights officer felt they treated me badly. I have been diagnosed with spms, from relapsing remitting. I am on full dose pregabalin and its not touching the pain, just makes me feel drunk! I have really had enough, I’m only 28, I feel like i just want to vanish. I feel destroyed, mistreated, sick of ppl feeling sorry for me. Sick of struggling everyday physically. My pain causes me to cry the most part of the day. What sort of life is this??I feel like ive been newly diagnosed, but told that it wont improve, will i have any remission?i feel the way i did when i was 14, when this first started, showed demilination from my attack, but they couldnt diagnose me till i was 18, because they dont diagnose children where i come from. Now i feel this disease is slowly killing me with every new and old symtom. I want this to end x

Im in the same position myself the pain is unbearable, my dla is awaiting a tribunal, but Ive at last got some help from social services, my heart goes out to you,

Hi there

I am sorry to hear you are finding things so difficult, I would suggest you contact your local MS Society branch if you haven’t already. They can at leat offer support and point you in the direction of others who could help you.

Also if you hav an MS nurse you should call him/her and tell them how you are feeling. Or else if you have a good GP you may find better help from them.

I hope you get some help with the pain very soon and good luck with your DLA claim.

Take care.

Love Wendy


I went to my gp about pain, and was referred to a pain management clinic for acupuncture - free on the nhs. It made a huge difference. Just something you might want to try, and it doesn’t involve more chemicals in your body. Lots of luck with dla, Helen