Sorry but here for a general whinge… chronic pain in lower back, regular ‘trapped nerves’ in neck and shoulders, general nagging aches in limbs and joint pain. AND the fatigue are making me throughly miserable and fed up. Neurolgist in Dec not interested, MS Nurse not returning calls, GP did full blood tests showing no concerns and a follow up phone consultation said that I will have to make another appointment (but phone in the morning) to discuss what I expect them to do… I want your help and advice! I want to be pain free! the response?.. don’t we all? grrrr

Sorry your suffering so badly I sympathise as this is a major symptom,of my ms I also have cervical spndylosis and my neurologist says they can’t tell whether the pain s from spndylosis or ms, but I do take pregabalin, co codamol, and also was referred,to a pain clnic where they prescribed morphine patches. I think you need to ask for a referral to your local pain clnic, you really should not e suffering unnecessarily, granted I M still n pain,but my,combination of drugs seems to e working, although I do hae side effects,from the morphine,but rather put up with that rather than the pain.

thank you Deanne x

Kirstie I forgot to,add havemyoumtried aTENS machine, I find,them very good, might be worth a try.