Same time of year

I am currently experiences symptoms of a relapse- tingling in limbs,burning and freezing sensations and tight heavy legs. Checking in my old diaries I have found that I nearly always seem to experience these symptoms at this time of year-March/April or Sept/October. Seems to be when the seasons change. Does anyone else experience the same?


hi cathy

yes i always notice a downturn when the seasons change.

the way we’ve been having lovely spring days followed by freezing cold wintery, snow and hail has meant that my poor body hasnt a clue whats going on.

let’s just hope for a lovely summer, not too hot but not cold either.

carole x

Crumbs, yes. When the trusty Avonex had finally stopped holding the line, I had 3 annus horribilus years in which the wave of relapses kicked off in September/October and kept it up until early Spring. Thank heavens for Tysabri.


Touch wood, I haven’t had any for a long time. With hindsight, most of my relapses were pre-diagnosis.

But looking back, I’d had mysterious periods of “unwellness” - mostly in January/February time. So I always tend to be relieved if those pass without incident, as that’s when I feel at my most vulnerable. Absolutely no rule I couldn’t have a relapse in Summer, it’s just that historically, I don’t think I ever have, so I tend to feel on much safer ground once we get to April - which we have today, thank goodness. Probably tempting fate, I know…



i am waiting to see if any relapse corresponds to any local crop spraying efforts…