thank you :-)

HI… just wanted to say thanks to all that replied to my drunken miserable rant last night …I,m not posting on thread as no desire to bump my woe is me ramble up the forum ( why oh why has no one yet invented a keyboard with inbuilt breatherliser that recognises that you have drunk too much and boots u off ) … …but did just want to say sorry if my language offended anyone ( thank heavens I didn,t spell title in full ) …

Janet , I know exactly what you mean about shoes …I am determined to get back into my heels , even if I can only wear them sitting down in a restaurant…perfect excuse to eat out often

Jane , good advice …never good to look backwards or waste energy worrying about things u can,t change , much better to focus on today and the positives

So that’s my plan for today …be thankful that a couple of paracetamol and extra hours sleep have nearly banished my well deserved hangover and now going to sit in garden , read book , and drink freshly squeezed Orange juice whilst eating the fab scotch eggs my daughter made yesterday (perfect hangover food ) …

Thanks again

Izzy :slight_smile: x

Hi, I didn`t see your previous post and I probably will look ofr it in a mo.

But first off I just wanted to say that I daresay your rant had a genuine reason and you needed to offload…fresh or sober, our health can do allsorts to our logical thinking.

So never fret hun, I`m sure no-one was offended, as we are here together, with an uninvited nasty guest who just refuses to go!

much love Pollyxx

Thanks Polly …do feel much better today and on a positive note at least I,m now posting instead of just reading …been stalking the forums for a while now and there does seem to be a warm welcome and good support to be had , so in a way glad I had my wobble and reached out :slight_smile:

Hope you’re having a good day

Izzy xx


i want one of them keyboards would of saved me from a few ex girlfriends.



They would definitely be a best seller …I know loads of people ( including me ) that would pay a good whack not to have that “omg what did I post moment” after a few too many …shame my inventor skills are non-existent…