Right I have another positive story, went out with one of my oldest childhood friends last night, whose mum also has m.s, so she understands so well which makes things easier. Actually wore my lowers pair of heels as I knew we would be sat down most of the night. And blimin well managed it, I think I was walking funny, however she said I wasn’t although a lil wobbly (that may have been the wine) and I danced for a good half an hour, and really danced… My leg is ver achy today but I did it :slight_smile: do think if I’d have worn flats it would have been less achy however but hey ho. And definitely won’t be wearing any higher heels than that. Out next week and although managed heels think I will be wearing flats as we will be walking more. But it’s still an achievement :slight_smile: did me good as I had a bad day yesterday feeling very envious of people looking at heels, people walking without a care in the world and just jealous of everyone and worried about my future and what it may hold etc. the night out with this particular friend was a perfect tonic. Just wanted to share this. Xxx

Glad you shared, sounds like you had a good night- gives all us ladies hope we may wear heels agaain. Same as you I only wear heels (about 2inches) if I know I’m sitting down all night!! I watch people walking too.Put your feet up today and smile as you remember your night out!

Jen x

Yeah thats how high they were…i know id be very wobbly any higher than that. And dancing… I think the alcohol helped :wink: its good to share our positive stories on here! Keeps us going x

Lovely story. Glad you enjoyed the night out.

Good for you!

luv Pollx

Well done, glad you had a good time, these good times mean so much more to us these days eh? MS really makes us appreciate life much more than everyone else rushing about without a care in the world. I often tell people I will never take walking for granted every again …

Tracey x

We certainly do Tracy. I look at people and think they really don’trealise how lucky they are! X