oh so glam!

Good morning all…just with 2 minutes to go till noon.

Been having a recurring pain in me feet of late…oh sooo chuffin` uncomfortable, both in and out of bed.

So hubby got the splints out of the garage for me…expected them to be all mouldy, but no, just a few cobwebs on them.

Carer put them on me and instantly the feet felt better.

What happens is, through there being no muscle strength left, as I lost all standing and walking ability some years ago…my feet flop sideways and even more horrible, in bed, the tops want to flop forward towards the soles…does that make any sense? I use a cradle to keep the bedding off my plates of meat…a huge size 7/8! Then there`s always heel pain to contend with and I keep them hovering on a pillow…which needs adjustments through the night.

So here i am, in my recliner, wearing these massive blue and back velcro fastened splints.

Ita good job Strictly aint on, thats all I can say...cos I always get me tuille frock and sparkly dance shoes out for that!!!


ps I`m awaiting an OT assessment again!

hi poll

poor you with your poor old feet.

as always you write about your problems in an entertaining way.

why not get some sequins on your splints?

then you can enjoys strictly and perhaps get “a ten from len”.

carole xx

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Ay, 'appen I should!


Been looking on a site called Rehabmart. It’s an American company, seen quite a few aids that might help my painful heels in bed. I won’t send for any, till I’ve had advice from an OT.


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i have some of those gel socks and i slather cream on them.

i have a small holdall full of feet stuff.

i can’t cut my toe nails because they are like elephants tusks and my hands are weak.

i have bought some nail softening oil and a pair of those vicious looking things that the chiropodist uses.

once my nails are soft i’m going to try and cut them with my pliers.

hope i don’t lose a toe!

also i’ve started ordering from betterware when it is delivered.

my mum used to buy loads from them because of her arthritis.

how i’ve aged since my diagnosis.

keep on rocking poll!

carole x

Hi Carole, i really advise you to let a chiropodist cut your nails. I used to do my own and ended up with severely ingrowing toenails. Had to have surgery last year!

I have tried creams and protectors…they cant tolerate any pressing like when in bed.


Hi Carole,

I second Poll with the chiropodist idea. I can cut mine fine but I prefer to let him do it cause I occasionally have a corn and I also have hard skin inside the bed of my nail and its so much easier just to let him sort it out.

And Poll - those are big feet!!! I used to think I was size 7 until I lost weight and my shoes started falling off. I had them measured and I’m actually a size 5. And since I’m 5ft 6.5, with big boobs and a big bum - thats a lot of balancing required for a tiny base. I also need 5 EEE shoes so basically my feet are square.

OK - you can stop laughing now.

JBK xxx

Hi, hubby and carers tell me off when I say there is no point to my feet and legs…they are a bloody nuisance and serve no purpose whatsoever. If I lost them, I would probably be several stones lighter!

Now you tell me off too!


I feel that way about my boobs. Neither use nor ornament, though I’m sure the men among us would disagree on that point! They get in the way all the time, and whoever invented bras needs shooting. Why do all bras go bad?.. Oh, to lay on my front… And when I lay on my back, they just try to run away and hide in my arm pits! lol!

same here hun!