Well off out and wearing semi-heels wish me luck!!..anybody else who’s had a drop foot suffered from the heel syndrome! Sick of flats so here goes everybody gonna think I’m drunk before I’ve even sniffed a drop!..Will report back hopefully not from casualty lol!!! X

Update!!! Heels in bag and husband away home for flats pfftt!!!

So sorry - but you tried and that’s what matters.

I sympathise - as a self-confessed shoeaholic and someone who loves fashion, giving up my heels has been tough. I now live in boots in winter and have several shiny pairs which look quite glam.

On the positive side Society is benefiting - I have donated several pairs of shoes to charity shops, others to my sister and friends, and my latest wheeze is selling my shoes (I have lots) on Ebay! I have just listed my two favourite pairs - a pair of red patent peep-toe heels and another pair from Russell & Bromley that cost a bomb (sob) - both had hardly been worn. Altogether I have sold 7 pairs so far. Anyway I am donating 10% of the proceeds to the MS Society as I wouldn’t be getting rid of them but for the MS - I have also lost weight so selling clothes which are too big as well. Have also bought a few things on Ebay and bagged some real bargains - so much easier than stumbling round the shops these days. (Don’ t tell my husband though - he thinks I’m just selling!)

I am lucky in that I can wear kitten heels ( indoors only) if I need to glam up - smart boots with low heels are quite good as they give a bit more support around the ankle. If venturing out with any sort of heels though I always wear flats and change later - especially if having a drink or two…

Another option is to look for low-heeled wedges with straps across for stability - if you are short like me (under 5’ 3") they give a bit of height with less wobble.

Always happy to share tips and sobs over shoes and other other such stuff - it may seem trivial but if being stylish is part of our identities as women then I believe we should do what we can to preserve that.

Take care

Hilary xx

i had a pair of heels that i loved not to high could not walk in them pre MS if they where too high, anyway was going to wear them with my new dress for my 25th wedding anniversary took another pair alone that where flatter just in case.

Well got as far as the hotel bedroom door ready to go and meet everyone for our meal and the flats won.

It is the small things that get you and nice shoes is one of them

Hi, the last time I wore heels was to a wedding. I hobbled, teetered and was in pain…had to send someone to a nearby shop to buy flatties for me. This was before i`d had a drink!

Yeh, i know, they`re not half as glam as heels, but better than a broken bone, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks for the support guys!..I can walk and to be honest not wearing heels is a small price to pay!..and on the upside will have to go shoe shopping xx

I have a few pairs of pretty flatties. Enjoy your shopping.

luv Pollx

An interesting post and “BRAVO” to all of you who try to wear the heels.Even if they are impractical for much walking there is still a time and a place for them and about 10g of silky lovliness.

Nudge nudge,wink wink

Wb x