Admit defeat

I have finally admitted defeat and I am going to sort through my shoes to give the heels to a new owner. Whilst people keep saying I may manage them again, I really feel I won’t. I can kind of walk in them, only low heels, but it feels like my left leg is wobbling and I think it is so rather than be uncomfortable (and also risk breaking my ankle) they are going (I think, no they are). However to condole myself I’ve ordered a load of flats and very very low heels, like barely there to replace them. Any recommendations for where to get lovely flats and suitable shoes. Also gutted that I will now have to admit I am only 5ft and my 6ft husband will really tower above me! Oh well. Worse things in life eh? Xxx

Lisa I wouldn’t worry about the height difference me and my hubby are a foot apart, but he still loves me for who I am not what i’m wearing on my feet :slight_smile: I’ve had some lovely flats from both Next, Wallis & M&S. Happy shoe buying xx


saw the heading of your thread and my heart sank…but having read it through i want to offer a couple of alternative views if i may?

our heads are silly! its easy to beat them-convince them that its all ur choice! u r choosing to wear flat shoes for whatever reason. guilt and thinking that we are ‘forced’ to change only breeds resentment (within ourselves)

re hubby-what does height matter when u r lying down? i doubt if either of u will have ur shoes on?!

and finally-yes,there probably are worse things in life but this is important to you and it cant be compared to someone elses priority.

hope u r smiling-that was my intention, ellie (who is wearing one slipper cos i cant get the other one on!)

I have every sympathy! I’ve just been sorting through my shoes and decided to get rid of the last few pairs of healed boots and shoes :-(. I’m 5’7" and hubby is 6’5", so I feel your pain. However, it’s going to be better for us both I’m sure and I’m finding most shops have pretty flats even if you have to hunt a bit. Next & M&S definitely have some this season, but I’m going hunting again soon. At the moment I live in converse trainers and flat ugg-style boots! Chin up, it’s an excuse to go on a major shopping spree! Just remember you may have to buy different length trousers and jeans to counteract the low heals. Another excuse to shop! X

Hi lisalou Completely empathise !! I have the most beautiful collection of gorgeous heels for work, which I now can’t walk in. For years, I’ve been buying new shoes, thinking mine were too high / tight because my toes kept going numb !! Now I know why !! I’m not at work now, so living in uggs too…but my lovely boss pointed out yesterday, that I can still wear them when I’m in “George” (my wheelie), so I’m going to keep some. Clarks do really pretty little ballet pumps which I swear by. Basically the same style but in all different permutations. I love them and they look so cute on. Best if all though, all Clarks shoes are leather, so in the summer when I don’t wear socks or tights and my feet get hot, they don’t get niffy !! Xx

Hi Lisalou, I have just done exactly the same thing and had a clear out of unsuitable shoes. My lovely hubby has just booked for us to go to Cyprus for a week at the end of April so on Friday I ordered five pairs of ballerinas and sandals on Friday from Next Directory intending to keep maybe one or two pairs but you’ve guessed it I love all five. Anne x.

I loved wearing heels - not the platform skyscrapers that are fashionable now. Beautiful 2-3 inch court shoes in my case. I have a foot problems so wearing very high shoes has always been a no-no for me just because my foor won’t bend that far :frowning:

I used to wear kitten for low heels for everyday, especially when I worked in a lab when wearing more ‘sensible’ slip on shoes is essential!

I know have a knee problem and wear orthic inserts unless I can find some very pretty lower heeled shoes with the right kind of support. Wobbly walking has made that essential these days. I wish I could find some nice new ones now…

I also wear walkikng shoes, not the huge clod-hopper walking boots I used to wear for unsteady ground walking. Didn’t stop me falling over, mainly before I was diagnosed. Mainly for very rainy or snowy days. The good grip really helps! I am wearing Clarks shoes at the moment. Both a resonably relaxed black pair of walking shoes and a nice pair of lighter shoes that actually stay on my feet!

I find ballarina shoes don’t give me enough support and make my instep feel like it’s breaking in two! I haven’t worn totally flat flats since the 80s!

I still look at people wearing nice shoes and smile. I’d love to wear some again!

Congrats Lisalou on your decision to ditch the heels.

Have you ever tried FitFlops on? They fit securely, snug without being tight and don’t slip off like flip flops.

They won’t be perfect for everyone with MS but they work fine for me and quite a few from my MS Branch.

Meanwhile, my many boxes of heels, like the now too small size 10 clothes, are still wasting space in my wardrobe and no matter how much I hope, they really will never fit properly nor ever be worn again.

Aah good to know I’m not on my own with this. I’ve not worn hughe heels for ages and if I think about it in the day I very rarely wear heels, only occasionally for work and if I’m having a girls day out or wearing casual heeled boots (them I may be able to get away with as they are not a bog heel and are wide and solid) but I have lots of lovely heels for nights out and occasions such as weddings which are just a no no. I only bought some beautiful heels in October for a wedding and cannot wear them now :frowning: have sold them to a fellow small footed (not height foot, like size 3) person and bought some flat silver pointed ones from Debenhams which I have to say are very beautiful and do look lovely. My hubbie has always loved how small I am, he says its cute, not sure i like his reason but hey ho. I will have a look at them fit flops. I’ve ordered over £300 worth of flats in two sizes as I’m size 3.5 …just hope I don’t like them all like you nanny McPhee (p.s keep them all). And gonna nosey on next now :wink: luckily my hubbie feels proud of me for ditching the heels so think he’s not as terrified of me spending money on these if it makes life better for me. And chocorange I’m so sorry to have ace your heart sink :frowning: loads worse out there but I just feel bitter sometimes that this disease makes us have to make even little decisions that many do not have to make. My mum however pointed out that not wearing heels my save my feet from bunions etc in the long run :slight_smile: and pointedly out she can no,longer wear heels because of arthritis in her feet. However I also pointed out she s 60 I am 32 :-0 her response oops I forgot that bit! Oh well or won’t have arthritis in your feet then at 60 :slight_smile: x x x

Hi Lisa

l had to get rid of all my heeld shoes a long time ago, although l did find a pair in a box my hubby brought down from from the loft.

l sat down to try them on , hubby asked if it was a good idea, l said l just wanted to see what it felt like to wear them again,

everything was fine until the phone rang and l went to answear it and l ended up on the floor.

they went to the Charity shop that afternoon.

M x

Hi Lisa

Like you my lovely high heels hit the dust

many moons ago, and like you I am 5 foot and hubby almost 6 foot, but we have many jokes

about our height, I often ask him to tell me when it starts raining, so I can

get prepared!

Next do some lovely flat shoes and I manage to get quite a few in their sale as the

small sizes (3) are usually left, but this will make you laugh, cos I use a wheelchair

so none of my shoes ever wear out!! but I still get pleasure from buying new ones.

Take care and enjoy your shoe buying,

Pam x

Hi seems there are many of us who have had to ditch the heels.

But there are so many lovely colours and designs in flatties…or to make them sound more attractive…pumps…we are spoilt for choice.

I get mine from a variety of shops eg

matalan,peacocks, New Look, sainsbury`s asda, and shoe tailor mail order.

Enjoy the retail therapy involved!

luv Pollx

Hi Lisalou,

Well done having a clear out - I still can’t bear to part with my 2’’ heel shoes and boots, some of them are so pretty and made me feel tall (I’m only 5’3’’).

I only buy flats now - Clarks have some nice ones, some ballerina patent leather ones were only £19 in the sale last month. I got navy blue to go with jeans etc.

I too wear fit flops in the summer (if my feet can stay warm) they work your calf muscles which is just what I need.

Good luck with your shoe shop when they all arrive!