Goodbye high heels

I finally got round to sorting all my shoes out from the botttom of my wardrobe today.

I had some empty boxes and some shoes I had forgotton I had. I gathered all my high heels into a pile and tried them all on

for the last time. I thought it would upset me knowing due to my ms I will never wear them again.

Instead I had a lovely walk down memory lane as I recalled the events and special occassions I had worn them to weddings,

dinner dances, holidays, and even my honeymoon 2 years ago.

I have consigned them all to the charity shop and hope that who ever buys them has as much fun and happy times as I did

wearing them.

I did manage to walk in some kitten heels without breaking an ankle or looking like a drunk. I can console myself that I won’t

necessarily have to wear flatties to a forth coming family wedding after all.

Time to go shopping for some new shoes for my holidays next month seeing as I have had to give so many pairs away

hubby can’t complain. It’s not always a negative living with MS.

Now thats what I call a result.

Take care,

Juanle. x

I had to do this a while ago, how I loved those lovely shoes!! Enjoy your retail therapy though and flatties are in now!!

Hi, I have a few pairs of flatties…i know you may not feel as glam in flats, but there are lots of gorgeous ones around.

Enjoy the spree!

luv Pollx

There is a time and place for heels where walking is not involved


My MS Nurse suggested I wear my heels when I am in my wheelchair - apparently dressing smart can make you feel more positive and I definately don’t feel positive in my wheels!

I have always been a klutz and never a girlie girl but I remember being upset, and surprised, when I realised that the option had been taken away from me, very weird! For my 40th birthday my husband bought me a pair of gorgeous lined DM boots and they not only look awesome but actually help my walking (my physio says they have great lateral support). The only problem now is that I have been known to walk into things whilst admiring them! I love the idea of wearing heels when you’re in your wheelchair, your MS nurse sounds very cool! Love Bex x

well was reading what you all say, also decided that as well as a clothes review needed to review my shoes, said to husband who said dont throw out your heels (3in high, not that tall ) wonder who is in denial still, saying that kept two pairs, for have taken owenership of a wheelchair for distance so again who is in denial


High heels are a must for females! As a full time wheelchair user I persevere and push my feet into everything I can, even tho I have ‘drop foot’ in both feet! But, with hindsight, I suppose it would be a good idea to keep some ‘sensible’ shoes strapped to the w/chair!!! Bev

i remember giving my heeled shoes away to charity, broke my heart as I used to buy them with matching bags and always had hundreds of pairs in boxes under my bed. Used to be obsessed with lovely shoes, for each occasion.

Yes life doesnt stop but it sure changes. Lets hope like you say that the new receipients get lots of happiness from them as you did.

We can still go clip clop in shoes with small heels and get our toenails painted, thus looking just as good. End of one era, beginning of another eh.

take care,