My cast iron saucepan set has got to go! It was a Christmas present from my hubby, nearly 30 years ago, before he was my hubby - “I hope you’ll find them to be useful in the future” he said. Well I did find them useful but, as you can imagine, my MS and arthritic joints have been finding them very heavy. So I took the bull by the horns and ordered a new set of saucepans which arrived today - they’re bright and shiny and lightweight - much easier to use when I did tonight’s dinner. But I’m gonna miss my old seen-better-days cast iron saucepans - I’ve taken a photo of them this evening, before putting them in the garage with the other ‘must get rid of sometime’ stuff and I’ve sat in the kitchen musing over the meals I’ve cooked using those pans, and the friends/relatives who’ve shared some of those meals with us over the years.

And so I’m wondering - is it only me who gets soppy over things - are has anyone else said goodbye to ‘stuff’ that’s no longer part of your life because of MS?

H x

oh yes!

lots of stuff had to go, felt sad at first but i wouldnt want it back.

i had a knitting machine that used chunky yarn but i inherited 4 of my sister in laws as well.

i think i could manage them really but its when you have to sew them up and do the finishing.

anyway i havent got time. ha ha!

carole (lady of leisure)

Hi H Yes I recently got rid of all my high heeled shoes :frowning: haven’t been able to wear any of them for about 7 years now. I did try a couple of pairs on for one last time unfortunatley it was like a scene from Bambi (the film) so they had to go. I cried for ages afterwards knowing that I’ll never be able to wear heels ever again. Sue x

I’ve got several pairs of high- heeled in my wardrobe that I can’t bear to part with. They are a pointless waste of space and do I keep them in the vain hope that I will miraculously get better? Maybe - I don’t know but they’re still there! Teresa xx

Funny, I just got rid of my last pair last week. They too had been sitting in the wardrobe waiting for one of those miracles that so often comes along and was surely due any day. It was sad to see them go, but now they are gone I actually feel better about it!


Sue, Alison and Theresa - I’m so worried that I’ll not wear heels again. I feel ridiculous because I probably wore them less than 10 times a year anyway but that’s not the point!!

Heels! *sobs…

Three things ; My car…and boy did I sob. I mean properly sob. I bought a brand new, 6 miles on the clock, beautiful 4x4 because of where I live, white, sparkly beautiful chrome bits as a treat to myself, 6 weeks before diagnosis. Never moved it since because I know I’m not safe to drive. 10 months later with much nagging by my Dad and MrH about wasted money, I sold it. Gutted doesn’t describe it. It represented hope. Hope that one day, I’d be fine, a magic tablet would make it all go away. My shoes…my wardrobe looked like a blooming Laboutin museum. Pointless keeping them but they reminded me of my lost career. Some people on eBay got bargains !! My knitting needles…I just don’t have the dexterity anymore. Now I’m going before I start crying. Xx

i have never been able to wear heels, i always felt like dick emery (for the younger folk he was a drag artist)

i last wore heels on my 21st (thats 34 years ago) i felt great in them but too many birthday drinks later i fell down the stairs of a night club. i found it funny and had hysterical giggles whilst lying in disarray!

i kept them for a few years but never wore them again

don’t worry there are loads of nice flatties

carole x

Had to get rid of my dance shoes, some with heels some flat, can’t dance anymore and the soles are so slippy! took them all to the charity shop, someone had a few bargains…if they’re a size 3! which my feet aren’t any more too swollen and kind of flattened out or just plain fat! took the rest of my heels as well except a pair I bought in Florida which are pink, yellow and tan, they are my ‘biscuit shoes’ they remind me of those iced biscuits which in turn remind me of giving blood, you always used to get them with your cup of tea afterwards! and a pair of two tone Baldaninis, the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned bought at 11 o’clock at night in Cyprus - it’s dangerous to have shops open that late! to bars…You’d think I like shoes wouldn’t you? they are going to be displayed somehow, somwhere…

Me too with the heels :frowning:

The 7" stiletto heeled boots and split-heel dance trainers (I WAS a pole-dance instructor!) and all MY lovely heels are sat around the house waiting for me to list on ebay… aloung with some outfits that either need heels or were pole stuff. So far I have been terrible and only sold 2 pairs that I had never actually worn - ooops!

It’s been nearly 4 months since I was told PPMS and I still can’t do it - I MUST, I WILL!!! I think we all share elements of this pain.

Sonia xx

Actually, I need to get this out… I had my cat put to sleep yesterday :frowning:

She was getting old and confused anyway and couldn’t get the hang of my new symptoms (she would walk a pace in front of me and look over her shoulder - you can imagine, she got frequent little kicks, horrible). I spoke to the cat protection league months ago, they told me she was too old for re-homing. Then she started pulling her fur out and that’s a stress habit with her.

Anyway, I feel quite sick about it and keep crying, I know it was for the best but so hard

Sonia x

Oh, Sonia, I’m so sorry …we lost one of ours a few months ago as you may remember. It’s just horrid and an awful pain in your chest from the hurt. I don’t know what else to say really, except massive hugs…I wish I lived nearby and we could share a cuppa and a hug. Xx

Hi, your post has certainly got us all reminicing!

i have had to chuck out (or give to charity shops) lots of stuff, skirts…hardly attractive when sitting in wheelie with knees some distance apart!

Heels, thoI only once ever owned a pair of stilettos for giving talks at WW classes..........I wastold` I had to wear them for classes.

A cumfy double bed, when I swapped it for a pine single for hubby and a hospital bed for me…this made me feel quite sad.

Now I have to buy loose tops to hide my wee wee bag and pipe.

Those who dont know, would never guess what`s going on under my garments!

Ill carry on clearing those cupboards and drawers of stuff Ill never use again and make room for all those incontinence pads, dressings and kylie sheets!

Eeee, youve gotta laff, havent you!

luv Pollx

Thank you Mrs H hugs right back

I think the worst part was that my hubby, who moaned about THAT animal all the time. lost it a bit in the vets and that made it so much harder. I know it was the right thing but that just doesn’t make it easier and have had quite a few sneaky tears at work today. My heart starts thudding whenever I think about it.

Sonia x

Sonia - it wouldn’t be normal not to sob your heart out. Every animal I have had has had tears shed over it. We are used to having them around and when they go it leaves a hole behind so you cry as much as you want. But you did do the right things - you put the welfare of the animal first.

On the note of giving stuff up - my knee high brown leather boots (4’ heels) - the leather was so soft and they were gorgeous. But I gave them to a close friend and she absolutely loves them. I’m still in smaller heels and I’m resisting flats with every breath I have.

JBK xx

Oh Sonia, you are right to be heart broken over the loss of your cat. it`s nice to think how he looked over his shoulder to check you were there. Bless him. Our pets mean so much to us. My Lucy is going on 15 now and has health problems. I dread the day…

sending you special luv and hugs.


Oh Sonia so sorry for you. We give our hearts to our pets only to have them broken when we have to say goodbye. A friend once said to me “time does not heal but it stems the flow of tears” and this has been so true whenever I have lost a much loved pet. I do hope the vet was kind and understanding.

Oh WOW - so many posts - heels, shoes, and more heels! Catherine sorry to make you cry - your 4x4 must have been a massive loss. It’s like we’re being taken apart a bit at a time huh?

Sonia I’m sooooo sorry about your cat - ours had to be put to sleep back in April, 2 weeks before his 15th birthday. We’d had his Mum from Cat’s Protection and they thought she’d been spayed, but she hadn’t! So I saw him being born and I saw him die - needless to say there was loads of tears.

Big hugs - and be kind to yourself - I’m sure you got lots of special memories of your cat and the lovely life that I’m sure he had with you.

Hazel x