boy! do I look glam or wot!

Hi guys!

Here I am, sitting in my temporary loan riser recliner and looking just so gorgeous (not!)

I have my wee bag twixt my knees…its easy to forget to check how full it is when ensconced (thats a posh word for a Wednesday afternoon…and i had to check the spelling) with matters on this forum, and myfoam wedges shoved bewteen my thighs and the too big chairsides, and a new attatchment on my foot.

Due to foot flop (a bit different to foot drop, eh?), I get a very deep, uncomfortable ache all through my legs and hips. and this feeling is now also affecting me when in my wheelie.

So when ping…a light came on in my bonce, which reminded of a gadget a physio gave me some time ago. It is an orthosis…a thing that my foot sits in and is strapped to my foot and leg, with velcro fastenings. I scrummaged for it under other detritus (theres another posh word!.....eeee, 2 in one day!) in my hubbys wardrobe…gosh, the dust and muck in there! And I got t`old fella to strap me in. Well yeh, it lifts the foot and holds it up…whilst the other foot looks on in jealousy and wants one too.

So ive rung the physio bods and left a message. Ill probably have to go via Gateway to Care to speak to them. I know…waste of money going through the channels…but then it keeps `em in work, eh?

I`m gonna ask for another brace, if I dare!

Only problem is, this particular bit of footwear just doesnt match my new bag (the wee one, incase this monologue ...3rd posh word now) has confuse anyone and they havent got the faintest idea of what I`m waffling on about!

So, thats me out of the running (ooh, how dare I use such a word in my condition?) for this years Strictly line up.

luv Pollxx

hi poll

not only are you gorgeous but your vocabulary is amazing!

it’s good when things these services provide, which you originally thought you wouldn’t use, come in so handy.

i’m struggling to come up with a clever word but…

carole x

I dunno, Poll !!

Maybe ‘Strictly’ would be greatly improved if all the teams had to try coping with orthotics & wee-bags ?

Bet you could teach them a thing or two ?


Spell chucker has been busy LOVE YOUR POST. bET YOU LOOK GORGEOUS , I went for a walk on my electric scooter today much faster than being pushed in the wheelchair and I got to go where I wanted to go.

We went down by the sea and I talked to everybody even those who didnt want to talk, they are the best ones you can see the look of alarm on the faces and the desire to run away from me but now I can chase them.

Hi Poll,

Did you swallow a dictionary? You are very loquacious today (did you like that one, didn’t even need to check spelling). I would ask for two braces - remember I have your spare legs on order


Actually Poll, I’m kicking myself for not suggesting one of those foot braces earlier for the pain in your heel. My mum had a bad episode of plantar fascitis ( maybe spelt wrong ) which meant she had awful pain in her heel and felt like she was standing on sharp stones… I got her one of these braces which pulls her foot right up and she could only wear it whilst sitting as if she tried to walk she’d have toppled right over. It was great, her heel pain was gone in about 4 days as the stretch of the brace had done something to the ligaments in her foot or something to that effect. Really sorry that I didn’t suggest this to you earlier. xx

Poll, to complete the glam image, may I suggest a leopard print wee bag holder ? Xx

Hehehehe!! So funny Poll. I can just imagine you.

What a shame that you are going to miss out on the Strictly line up.

Oh well. There’s always Skating on Ice!!!

Shazzie xxx

Sorry Poll. Meant Dancing on Ice!!!

Shazzie xx

Hi gang members!

Ta for your responses…heres mine to yours

Shaz, I always call it skating on ice then laff at meself. not a bad idea, but I`d need more padding than my body currently supplies, as I am bound to spend more time lying on the ice, than dancing on it!

Mrs h, dont think a leopard print bag hasnt been thought of…just not got round to it yet…hey, and it would match the leopard and gold print baseball boots I got in Blackers in may…groovy gran gear indeed!

Fudgey, glad your mas pain got sorted. Yeh, I need a re-assessment from a physio or podiatrist............blummin ummer…I was there on Tuesday, but hadn`t remembered the orthosis I am now wearing. Doh!

Kelly…loquacious? I wouldnt know how to spell it…just had to see what it means…you cheeky monkey…it means someone who talks a lot…I imagined it means glam…ok, it`s a fair cop…I can talk for England!

Hoppity, went for a walk in your wheelie? Now that IS clever…and you live by the sea? I`m jealous! And i also talk to strangers, most times they are mad enough to reply!

Dom, disabled doing Strictly? Heather Mills didnt get very far, did she!

Carole, looking for a posh word? howasabout…supercalafragil…etc!

I tried wearing my fancy foot boot in bed last night…no, of course it didnt work…nor did it match my black feather and sequin negligee!

Now that`s summat for the guys to imagine…pass the sick bucket!!!



Hahahaha!! You are a breath of fresh air Poll.

Shazzie xx

your lovley christine x