Fat legs? Skinny legs? Dumpy legs?

i wouldn’t care which type of legs I had from the choice above…if they worked!!!

An obvious statement to the majority of us, eh! But I was in a charity shop today, looking for clutch bags, when the tall and dancing to Pet Shop boys assistant, was holding a pair of jeans up to herself, saying ‘These won’t go over my fat legs’. I couldn’t help myself and asked if she’d like mine instead. Mine sit in my wheelchair all day and do chuff all!

She didn’t reply.

I got 2 lovely clutch bags, to add to my collection…now 6 in total and ready for my spa you hol in 2 weeks and my cruise next May!



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Poll, if it’s any consolation, I now only own bags that have a chest strap - cos I can’t hold a bag and sticks etc.

I’m selling a nice Vivienne Westwood handbag on ebay at the moment as it’s a ‘hold the handles’ type of bag! However, in the midst of trying to rationalise my life getting ready to move into a bungalow, I found a lovely oriental silky bag I bought in Amsterdam a few years back, it’s big satchel style bag but it’s very beautiful

Enjoy your lovely bags and the spa

Sonia x

I’d settle for any kind of working legs too. When we go out I watch people’s feet doing what mine can’t and I can’t help it, I just feel a smidgen of resentment that my legs won’t do what theirs will. And they don’t even know what a flamin’ miraculous thing a working human body is. People with perfect legs of whatever shape should appreciate what they have.

Meanwhile, the best thing we can do is buy nice handbags. (Since shoes are out!)


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I love handbags lol xxx

I too look at others with a touch of envy at times and wish that I was capable of doing the things that they can. Then I remind myself that I have no idea what they may be going through or what might be around the corner for them!

I’ve never been a handbag sort of girl, it’s always been shoulder bags for me (except for the short period of time when bum bags didn’t make you into a social outcast!) but I must admit that when I’m sitting in my wheelchair, with my bag on my lap, the shoulder strap does get in the way. I hadn’t thought of clutch bags, thank you Poll, Next time I go to town I’ll have fun looking in the charity shop for something that I actually “need”

As far as shoes are concerned I had a sad moment a couple of months ago. I had bought a beautiful pair in a charity shop, a few years ago, in the vain (stupid!) hope that would be able to wear them to a wedding (not much walking involved, I thought!). Needless to say I never did wear them. So after years in my cupboard they went back to a charity shop. A few weeks later I went into the shop and was looking at the “sensible” shoes when I noticed a beautiful pair of shoes. I picked one up only to realise that they were the ones that I had given! It hurt a bit to know that they had been mine but I had never been able to wear them

But I did find a pretty pair of ballerina pumps covered in blue sequins

cheers all!

Plenty of pretty ballerina flatties out there…cheap too…got some in matalan for £6.

Love my clutch bag collection.