Designer bag

Afternoon all!

Nothing whatsoever to do with illnesses, but thought I’d share this with you.

Whilst out yesterday, I saw in the window of a local hospice charity shop, a Prada bag!

In the style I like ie across body type, in brown with a red flap and the Prada emblem on the front.

It was priced up at £9.50.

Oh I did get excited! Now this particular shop does receive donations from the wealthier families in the area…stuff like new fascinators, unworn dressy shoes, capes etc.

So chuffed to little mint balls, back home I went online to see how you check if a Prada bag is genuine.


The lining of ALL bags is black…

…with PRADA embroidered throughout.

The emblem on the front is brass and in 3 separate pieces.

There will be a metal tag with Prada stamped on it.

Bags cost over a grand.

Even battered used bags cost hundreds.

So what’s mine got???

Have I got you ladies excited?

The lining of mine is light brown.

It has Prada printed throughout.

The front emblem is plastic and in one piece.

There is no metal tag.

So there, I have a fake Prada bag.

Got I LOVE IT!!!


Well Poll, if it’s making you happy & it’s a nice 1, then it’s a Prada!!! xx

The devil wears Prada.

Yeh, I was hoping no-one would mention that!


I know why our Sue has got rid of her spc…

Cos you simply cannot get shoes to match the bags!

I’m still looking!


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hi poll

i bought some lovely mustard yellow shoes off t’internet.

then i saw a yellow bag in the children’s society shop and i payed £4 for it.

it’s so excellent when the very item you fall in love with is put in the shop about an hour earlier.

sainsbury’s had a mustard yellow top for £10 so i bought that but it was overkill.

co-ordination isn’t really my thing as anyone can see by the way i walk.

carole x

Excellent retail therapy. Enjoy xx

you cant beat a bit o retail!