The wrong trousers!..not ms.

Not Wallace and Grommit either! I bought some trousers on line size 10, too small, perfect colour for tops, but not as expected decided I quite liked the colour any way, not a pair in any size in the shop when they were returned however there was a pair the exact colour initially wanted, look totally different online (green) so I thought obviously 10 too small, got the 12, absolutely massive, hopefully they still have 8s left much maybe even 6! Who said shopping on line is the way ahead, for other stuff yes, clothes a big no! So hubby off to do the swapping - he now understands what this takes so long! just a little rant,

Alison x

I think this has more to do with more men being colour blind than women.

Which explains some of the outfits one sees on golf courses.

No,no,just to with sizing, nobody seems to know what a size10 looks like!..hubby spotted the right colour…mind you,he doesn’t play golf. lol

As a bloke, I can get away with tracksuit bottoms.

I am not a style icon but I understand your pain.

Sometimes I want to wear shirt and trousers an I have a wardrobe full of ill-fitting clothes.


Success! hubby swapped them, even got the right leg length, particularly wanted these as I can wear them with part of an oufit I bought for my niece’s wedding and would not otherwise be worn again, so good result…eventually. Trouble is he is now chanelling Gok Wan and suggesting ox blood Doc Martens!

Alison x

For this reason, I never buy clothes on line. Tempted several times, but usually goes very wrong… Groceries, cokker, microwave, garden stuff yes but never never never stuff you need to try on.

Not so much, does my bum look big in this, (ladeez will understand) but " is this comfy when sitting in a wheelchair?" Plus I have short legs and can never get trouser that are the right length.

I have noticed a lot more shops offering different leg lengths in inches not just short, regular and long Matalan do 27" if that’s any good…or any help! I have now finished my holiday shopping, do you think suitcases are OK online…lol.

Alison x

I rest my case.

I had a look - found some lovely ones with tartan lining (right colours) I would have them if they were cheaper! I shall start calling him Gok!

It’s finding trousers that are long enough that does my head in. But luckily, as a female, I can get away with jogging bottoms a lot of the time too. And M&S do some men’s joggers that are the right length!!


What length do you need? Seen 34" leg, just can’t imagine having such long legs!

A length of 34” fits. But not everything comes in long lengths. And I look silly with shorter trousers.


I think it was New Look, just on the usual rack, not in a particular range Wallis seem to make everything for people over 5’11"! -their shorts are like cropped trousers. lol