Hi all

Since a big flare up 18 months ago I find some clothes really uncomfortable. I’ve gained a little weight and lost it slowly but my sensation is still weird. A little niggling sensation can become a real pain. Trousers that need pulling up or a dress that needs adjusting all the time becomes tiring and annoying. I have very bad fatigue at the moment once I’ve parked walked to shops I’ve had had enough let alone getting dressed and undressed in cramped changing rooms.

My wardrobe is a chaos of uncoordinated and Un - ironed clothes. It makes getting dressed in anything other than trusty jogging bottoms and t shirts a burden. I want to get a whole new outfit at a time. Easy care, ironing free, comfortable and stylish and on a very tight budget is what I’m after and i’m going to try shopping on line.

I bet there is loads of MS’ rs with tips and websites that could help me. I fully appreciate the merits of a pyjama day believe me. It would just be nice to be able to feel a bit better about myself and get a head start on the day. Can anyone help share their thoughts! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading.

Ah, i sure do identify with your feeilngs about clothes. I guess a lot members here fee the same as you and I!

I buy clothes that dont need ironing…one less chore to do.

I shop in Matalan, Asda, Bon Marche. They all do reasonably priced clothes…in a good range of sizes.

I used to shop on line but found it expensive and I sent more stuff back than kept, as it didnt really fit well or look like the pictures in catalogues.

I dont try on in shops…far too knackering!

Good luck and try to enjoy the retail therapy…I do!


Thanks poll. I’ve found a lovely top that made of 50% modal and 50% cotton. Never again. To clingy in the wrong places and hideous to iron. Don’t even think it’s fair to pass it on to charity shop! I have never clothing shopped online before, I think it will depend on what I’m after. If I end up going to an fro post office to return goods won’t work will it! Maybe I’ll do both use web sites that have stores nearby. I very keen on a sale rail too!

Thanks again x

Hi i buy a lot of things from QVC have a look at their website lots of things no iron not that i do ironing anyway and easy to pull on and off. Prices are ok but i suppose you get what you pay for so they say. Have fun looking around .


i bought a dress from a designer shop, i wear it as a top because it is very short and i’m tall.

it has a knot at the front. - like the fabric has been twisted to make a knot.

believe me it hides a multitude of sins!

doesn’t need ironing either.

the good news is that tesco and other less pricey shops are doing the same thing.

so really look out for these - brilliant!

enjoy finding good flattering clothes that don’t cost the earth.

carole x

Hi Cookiemonster

Understand where you’re at. I was always a jeans lady but now cannot even get my jeans or trackies on without major help. So I have decided that I need long easy dresses. I where splints and have to be in a wheelchair when I go out so they have to be long and easy to wear, can’t deal with buttons or zips. I’m also always cold so they need to have long sleeves. Luckily I know what I want and there is a shop nearby that I’ll probably be able to get things. As I say even joggers are difficult, but OK for indoors. Let’s face it dressing is even hard now lol. Whatever happened to the lady that did everything in stilettos and could wear clothes lol! Just to add to the dressing thing, I’m considering having my hair shaved off because it is so think and grows incredibly quickly and I can no longer deal with brushing it, let alone washing it myself. Oh well, bring it on. Linda x

Ah thank you for you replies. A few little tips make a big difference to the mental challange of clothes shopping. It’s so nice to share. I’m looking out for knotted top. I never considered QVC I’m gonna give it a look. And I know it’s simple but I’ve already seen a few printed t shirts there perfect really. Easy to order online arn’t they. The patterns can be quite flattering (on the models any way) I should have some of those!. Layers for hot flushes maybe in a light fabric! I have been very inspired.

On to hair Linda. Mine is down to my waist! Horror! It’s so fine won’t keep a style I can’t braid it and curl it. For the past 2 weeks I couldn’t comb it properly. I want a very short with texture but I’m not gonna keep it up let’s face it I haven’t been to hairdressers for 2 years. I’m going to one of those supercuts salon were you don’t need to make appointments I think. My headaches get so bad ill just pick a day when I can handle it! A dye and cut to shoulder length bit of feathering shaping.

You know I feel better all ready. Thank you all. My mission to cheer myself up is off to a fab start!


great news fiona!

a new you! whilst you’re out there looking see if there’s a new me please.

maybe just new legs will do.

i used to see a fab hairdresser who knew what i wanted. i explained as i wanted it to look deliberately messy.

which she did under the label of funky.

it’s because i can’t do my hair myself.

unfortunately i can no longer afford it @£70

however there’s a lovely young man who is a brilliant hairdresser and he comes to my house to cut my hair.

i’ve even dyed it myself and i love it.

dark red/violet and a short crop tomorrow when lewis comes round.

costing £16 altogether.

i’m naturally blonde and always had it long.

carole x

Fiona, hair down to your waist, I’ve always had long hair so good luck with going short with a bit of texture. MS is a pig when it makes us give up things we have loved up. A new hairdo and new wardrobe make the most of it. Wonder how everybody else deal with the hair issue? Linda x

The new hairstyle sounds fab. You`re gonna feel so much better once your new styles are sorted.

Exciting innit?

luv Polx


re hair. i had hair nearly to bum. no.3 shave now cos its easier and i cant style etc.

i appreciate it all contributes to self esteem etc but…

when my friend was diagnosed with cancer she was terrified of losing her hair so i said that if she did then i would be bald too if she wanted some moral support. theres more to us both (all) than looks but we are all different with different levels of what we can tolerate

be happy, ellie

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On the hair front - I swing between long hair and a flat top crewcut. I will have really short hair for ages then get fed up of having to have it cut regularly and let it grow and have up-dos and braids etc. then I get fed up of having to braid, style, up-do it and have it all chopped off again!

As for clothes - I have taken a great dislike to anything involving zips (can’t feel the zipper tag)- zips are the bane of my life with buttons coming a close second.

NB. I use a length of thin ribbon threaded through the ‘eyelet’ of the zipper tag before putting the item on to help pull the zip up.

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Re clothes shopping - I’m a big fan of ebay. If you know what you like and choose carefully there are some good bargains to be had. I’ve made mistakes for sure, but the bargains have far outweighed the mistakes . Give it a go maybe and see how you get on.

H x

I so identify with all the above…hate clothes now.

So gradually over a year I sold my stuff on ebay, lots new or nearly new…then used the money to buy 3 Holy Clothing

long dresses. They are soooo comfy I have even slept in one when too ill to change to pj,s.

I have sleeveless ones so I can wear them with nothing under or wear a t shirt or jumper if needed but usually I wear

a cotton cardi with them bought on ebay.

Finally realised I was wasting money trying loads of things which just did not suit me for comfort so saving for another of

the H C dresses. They take me right through the year, and look fab with flats or boots ( my usual footwear )

Hair is another whole story, but briefly I had long hair got to being too much work/effort to wash so got it cut last year

BIG mistake, short hair felt great but needed cut every few weeks which I never felt well enough for so now growing it

long again.

Even if it only gets a quick wash in shower I can twist it up at back shove a claw clip in …done. So though I love some of

the short styles and would love to try more I will be sticking with my shoulder length which is easiest for me.

I did so love the freedom of a short cut but even if I felt up to getting it cut short all the time the cost wouold not be


Good luck all in finding comfort at a budget price…it is what most of us need.

ps I wear leggings under my long dresses when bitterly cold but need help getting them on.


Me too, I really need to get my hair cut. It’s been nearly 3 years and it’s very long now. I used to have nice clothes but wear more or less the same everyday now. T shirts, fleeces, trackie bottoms chinos or jeans. And nearly everything I wear comes from M&S. Oh well. Think I’ll have a look at Holy Clothing! I’m very thankful for on line shopping!


i have just looked at holy clothing and i liked a few things.

the sizing put me off a bit.

i’m a 14 but the options were XL 2 x XL and 3 x XL

suppose i should try XL but wanted to ask how you found the sizes compared to the usual 10, 12, 14, 16.

carole x

Quite a lot of these dresses on ebay uk. Also if you google Holy Clothing there is a size chart.

There is one style of dress called The lrish Bog Dress - anyone got one of these.

The mind boggles!!

The dresses I have are like the SIERRA but full length…have had them a few years so think maybe the actual STYLE

I have is out of stock now. They have elasticated panel at back so fit nicely.

I am a size 20 and have 2xl.

I have to say though expensive to me they have been worth every penny and I can wear them ANYWHERE.


Hi guys just catching up with all you posters. I love this discussion thread. I am having a tough time and things got a lot worse while I was having my hair done but a persevered and have a funky soft bob with quite a bright red brown colour. Not to short at the back to avoid my hairy neck issues. Styling can just involve a quick scrunch with some gloop and blast with hairdryer for a bit of a messy look. I look a million dollars. Love the colour. Used the closet hairdresser to me and I felt like celebrity I got so much attention cos of the length of my hair. AND I sent my hair off to a Wig makers in London - 26 inches. Hopefully have enough money to cover my hair cut.


Fiona x

Hi Fiona, great you persevered even though your having a tough time. So glad your pleased with the outcome sounds like the whole experience was good for you. I’m biting the bullet and having mine done at the hairdresser’s on Thursday. I was impressed that you sent your hair to a wig maker - helping someone else out as well. I sent all my unsuitable clothes to the Charity shop. So will will to address new clothes. So need to get out of trackies all the time. Linda x