Ok ok I know

My son and others always tell me leggings are naff and not having worn them for 2 years I am desperate to wear them again !!!

Only thing is my legs are incredibly sensitive and hates tight clothing -

So it is legs v me !!! Does anyone know of a really soft pair that won,t scream ’ ouch ’ after 10 minutes?

Or maybe my legs are trying to tell me something !!!

Any help???

hi mrs r

go to the shops and try a few sorts on, that’s the only way to know if they will be comfortable.

decent shops will let you buy them to try at home and refund if they aren’t right.

M & S do comfortable tights (soft, thermal ones) although they are a bit pricier.

sainsbury’s are good too as are tesco and asda .

all of these allow you to return for refund if they’re not right for you.

explain that changing rooms are a nightmare for you and you shouldn’t have any problems.

and don’t listen to other people’s opinion on leggings.

my husband passes quite a few negative opinions but i say “what are you, the fashion police”

carole x

Maybe your legs are trying to tell you that leggings on anyone over 18 make a thin person look like a stick-insect and a fat one look like a string bag full of potatoes? :slight_smile:

I hope you find the pair that proves you legs wrong, and is comfy too!




Grrrrrrrr ! This the the third time I have replied but won’t send so I have to apologize if you have also received my other two replies !!!

Been there and done all that !!

Ah well a silly dilemma is better than thinking about my ms !!!

Hope you are well


I’d look like Max Wall if I wore them, I couldn’t stop a pig in an entry, nope, I don’t get them. Think a nice pair of tights & a frock are better Mrs R, mind you, I’m not really in a position to pass on advice, I only wear jeans.

I got some harem pants from boohoo online - soft, comfy and not tight fitting :slight_smile: they were only about £12 too!

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Please forgive my ignorance, but what the hell are harem pants!!!

Bloody hell I’m not wearing them!!!

Nor am I. #MCHammer


Sue, I’ve seen something’s in my time, but fair dues, they have got to be on the list of no chance, not ever, not even when I’m dead.

Especially when I’m dead, in fact it might go in my will, just to make sure I’m not burned in a pair.

Then again, what the #*<^€# are we doing on this thread TrAC? (You have a new way of spelling your name btw, thank AD for that one!) Neither of us are interested in wearing leggings (hahahahaha) I’d have a job getting into the buggers and would look like a middle aged lump with a fat arse and skinny legs. And harem pants are clearly ‘not our thing’. In fact I suspect any thread about fashion would be beyond either of us.


I got some from Simply Be catalogue…very soft and you can try before you buy.

Leggings are both the curse and the saviour of women`s fashion.



Wow who knew a subject like leggings could cause such a response.

Takes our mind off ms I though !!!

Mrs R, I think you can deduce that harem leggings are out. Don’t go there, really don’t go there.

Oooooh the old bugger, where’s he renamed me that the sod!!!

if in doubt, plant a geranium!


now there’s a plan, thanks krak!

carole x

I ended up throwing my good pair out into the drive last night due to stupid itchiing. I wear them all the time, always have done with pretty floaty tops, now I wear them because I like them and they are cheap and also the only alternative as I can’t do up zips or buttons very well. Haven’t been able to do trousers up for some years. I have tried all sorts, good expensive ones with a soft leg inside are nice to go out in but they still itch and pull, I do keep going back to the cheapest of the cheap which do not itch. I have strict instructions from my daughter to replace them often as I am not allowed to look like the bag lady anymore. This week I shall be popping off to the P shop to stock up on about four pairs for the winter. Last year I bought the cut off knee leggins and I am still wearing them now, they are lovely. Good luck, oh lots of comfort stuff does help and I have found when they get itchy and pully, a nice warm hand wash and pegging out helps a bit.

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My wife told me that she once had a bath in tea.

And that this gave her legs a nice shade of tan; but left a tide mark around navel height.