Give in to cold legs!

After waiting 25 minutes at a bus stop last night my legs were frozen. I have a horror of wheelchair cosy toes and blankets because I fear that they will make me look like an invalid. I did last winter in a nice calf length wool coat and ugg boots but last night I had a leather Parker and jeans on. I was so cold when I got in in that I just couldn’t go to bed even though it was 10.30. I decided to play on my iPad and warm up a bit first - 30 minutes later I realised that the central heating timer had switched it off and I was colder than ever.

I am almost at the point of buying one of those fleece lined things but I hate the idea. I try really hard to project an image of a “normal” person who just happens to be in a wheelchair. Any one got any better ideas?


fleece tights and leggings maybe


i have found thermal leggings-brill things! can be worn under skirts or trousers.

ellie x

i bought thermal tights and fleece leggings which were brilliant but way too short for my freakishly long legs.

so now i go for the sexy option - men’s long johns!!

carole x

I’m not a wheelie user but I do feel the cold more since starting Gilenya (quite a nice change from overheating all the time). I now have some thermal leggings which are lightweight and I can wear them under jeans so no-one knows. I have also bought some woolly leggings from Primark which are quite a bit warmer than normal leggings and I think they look quite stylish too. I tend to just keep adding layers as the temperature drops through the season :slight_smile: I also have thermal insoles in my boots

Tracey x

Hi Wendy why don’t you buy some sallopets Ski trousers that what i use there thick warm and made to withstand the cold winds that tare through you. they come up your back and over the shoulders keeping your back warm as well you can wear a coat on top and you still have the freedom to move around without a blanket I’ve been doing this for a few winters now they keep me warm


Leg warmers and FAME on DVD that should warm us up

I’m venturing out again tonight (beginning of the month lots of meeting) and I’ve followed your good advice and put thermal leggings under my jeans. Let’s hope I don’t spend forever waiting for the bus - that’s what kills me!

Like the idea of scallopets - they sound toasty, fame on DVDs would only make me feel old!!!


Hi Jane, I did buy a cosytoes last year and regretted it. My feet got twisted and I had pain worse than ever! So it went in the charity bag! I use fleece blanket and jumpers and capes and warm lined boots…takes me ages to thaw out!

Luv pollxx

Hi Jane

I use Damart they are great for me.