Hallo gang!

A few weeks ago, I bought a cosy toes, on line for myself. I get soo incredibly cold, even when it isn`t that cold in or outside. As a wheelie person, with no mobility or movement in my legs, like many of you here, the cold is painful at times.

When going out, i was wearing thermal leggings, leggings,plus a fleece throw around my legs, but they still suffered. it would take me several hours to get warm in bed after an outing.

So I thought i`d try a cosytoes. I bought it on-line, at £25. I set off on a shopping trip with my carers and every little inclination caused me to slip down, as the cosytoes has a waterproof, vinyl outer, making it slippery. I was afraid of sliding out of my wheelie.But i was warm and snug!

So for the next trip, hubby fitted a car type seat belt. I cut holes in the cosy to push the straps through and fasten around me…I still had a bit of sliding down and was unhappy.

Next outing, i`m going to fasten the belt over the cosy and see how that goes.

Anyone else had this happen?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Cosytoes sounds lovely and snug. My mum made my daugher something similar for her pram when she was a baby (before you could buy them) fake sheepskin lining and tartan outer layer. So cosy and I used to get so many comments. My mum put holes in so that the straps could go through - but they went inside as there was a strap between her legs.

What about some of the non slip mesh on the seat (you can get black or white from £1 shop) , might stop you slipping.

You could put a hot water bottle in the bottom or one of those heat pads…

Keep warm,

Jen x

Hi Poll

On mine it has loops to go over the handles of your wheelie, does yours not have these? If not, could someone make yyou some and sew them on to the cosy toes.

Mine also is waterproof outer with a sheepskin lining, just wish I had longer legs cos they are one size, probably fit a 6 footer.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

Hi Poll,

I’ve got a down filled coat which although incredibly warm is very slippy. Especially in a vehicle. But Jen has the solution! I read it on another website and got myself a piece of non slip mesh. When I’m wearing the slippy coat I just pop it over the seat cushion. Job done!


Hi all.

Pam, my cositoes does have straps for the wheelchair…but the wheelchair has no handles…it is a continuous bar!

Ive got some rubber mesh stuff, that you use on trays and other shiny surfaces.........Ill give it a go.

Only going local this week, as hubbys time is tight, getting ready for plumber on Monday............theres an associated daft joke for you…I`ll post it on el.