Recommendations for warm socks please!


I’m sure that I’m very much not alone in suffering with cold feet a lot of the time and as it’s just starting to get colder I can feel it starting to effect my MS again. I’ve decided to buy some decent winter socks this year and wondered if anyone has any recommendations please? In the winter I wear lined DM boots so looking for something to wear inside them. Any help gratefully received!

Many thanks

Becky x

I always pick the bridgedale hiker ones with merino wool, as find them both warm, in the house, and comfy with shoes. Theres different thermal levels, and well priced.

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I wear Heat Holders 2.3 tog purchased from Amazon or my old thermal ski socks. Oh memories of yesteryear pre ms!

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i wear thinsulate socks because i bought a pack of 3 for £3 from B & M bargains.

it’s how us millionaires roll!

then again after 5 minutes i need to take them off because my thermostat is wonky.

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The answer is Alpaca. EBay has a good selection

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Thank you so much for all the recommendations, I’m looking forward to having warmer feet this winter!

Superb, information/positive/useful love it. I actually get chilblains in this weather, time to shop:) thank goodness for the Internet. Be safe, take care M x

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Gonna agree with stefos30. Saw alpaca socks mentioned on Countryfile last winter, decided to research them, brought 2 pairs. Well impressed!

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Hi all,

I managed to obtain Alpaca socks from eBay. For me wearing alone they didn’t do justice as my immobile feet were still icy


By putting on my Amazon 2.3 tog ‘Heat Holders’ over the top seemed to solve prob’ of COLD FEET!