Cold Feet

Hello all,

I have been experiencing the sensation of freezing cold feet for the past week, and I was wondering if anybody has any experience with this symptom and what they do to help manage or make it feel better?



If anyone finds a cure, let me know! I hate socks, but I do wear fuzzy slippers around the house. Adding a sweater seems to keep my feet warmer, for some reason. When they’re really bad, I wrap up in a thick comforter with my feet on a hot water bottle, and sometimes I just take a shower with the tub drain closed so I stand in the warm water for a while.

Reflexology, or get someone to just massage them. The circulation gets going again and they soon warm up.

I have extremely cold feet and legs that are cold half way up my calves, the weather doesn’t have to be that cold either. I can be sitting three feet away from a log burner, with long thermal socks on, not a pretty picture I have to say and they feel like I have had them in the freezer. My bad leg does go a mottled colour but then so do my hands especially on the side that is most affected. All I do is massage them or walk about, seems to help. The physio who I see for my FES said that I should ask my Doctor, not much point in that I have to add, she said it was because I don’t push off with my heel and that is the action that pumps the circulation round. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to walk on my hands! My Mum always ran a low temperature and she was convinced that is why she lived so long, silver linings and all that!

In a word - alpaca socks.

… Sorry, that’s two words!



I’m reading these posts wearing two pairs of socks and sheepskin boots to keep my tootsies warm.

I also buy those little foot warmer pads that react with the air to stay warm for hours. I but them in my boots wgen I go out - bulk buy from an online site.

I have mottled skin on my left side, arms and legs and I have drop foot on that side too. Just looked up Mottled skin in this site and I posted to a question in 2018! All to do with MS.

Chilblains are the worst and I get them on my hands and feet if I’m not careful.

Reynauds where fingers and toes go white is also a problem, its called Secondary Reynauds as it’s associated to MS.

For that I was put on Nifedipne which helps with circulation - ask your GP.

Of course the best and most enjoyable way of improving your circulation is to have a little drink!

I got some lovely home made damson gin for Christmas - defiantly puts some colour in my cheeks!

Take care


I have chilblains on my right foot and they drive me crazy. I remember as a child working outside on the farm, coming in and putting my freezing feet on the aga and my mum warning me i would get chilblains - never did. Now for no particular reason i am suffering

Thank you everyone for your replies! I didn’t realise how common this feeling is.

I will try some of your suggestions and also wait to here back from my consultant.


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I take Amitriptyline for my frozen feet and burning legs pain ie.,. (neuropathic pain)

It used to work well with just 10mgs, but these days I take 35mgs at 4pm.

Ask your GP CKS is only available in the UK | NICE