Cold feet

Hi all does anyone have problems with cold feet, from the beginning of winter my left foot and toes get really cold to such extent that some of my toes have turned black. I’ve had ultrasound tests and have good blood flow to my feet. So I’m starting to think it may be ms going to consult my Ms Nurse but just wounded if anyone else has suffered from this. Neil

In a nutshell… .i think most msers do get cold feet!

Oh yes. left foot and arm much worse than right.

Chilblaines are my Winter nightmare. I take nifedipine that helps, also socks and big sheepskin boots in the house.

Ask your MS nurse about nifedipine, may work.


Thanks got the advice I will serenely look into the medication. I spoke with my Ms Nurse she doesn’t think it’s ms related.

Hi Neil,

Sorry, should have said that I was told it was secondary Reynauld’s syndrome which is an autoimmune condition, so is MS related.

Put it in the search section of this forum.

Keep warm


Hi Jen,

I was on nifedipine for my raynauld’s which I was diagnosed with before I knew I had ms, like so many other symptoms that all seem to pile up before diagnosis!

Anyway like I said I was on the drug until up to maybe this time last year when no pharmacies in NI had it stock, almost like it had been discontinued.

I can still get coracten but as this is a slow release version of the drug which I don’t find it helpful and as nifedipine is the only drug licensed for raynaulds my gp can’t/won’t prescribe me anything else to help my blocks of age formally known as feet!

have you always been able to get your prescriptions with no problems over the last year or so?


Hi, I get both, really cold and then burning hot, there cold during the day and it’s when I go to bed that the heat kicks in, mind I get that in other places too, legs arm and face, I wear cold pads in bed and socks and slippers during the day, nothing else I can do, my neuro and ms nurse told me it nerve pain, neuro said it’s like my thermastat has gone haywire.

Maybe a bit of a late response, but I’ve also had this problem for a long time. I went to my doctor a while ago and he diagnosed Raynaud’s syndrome. It’s not a very serious illness but it can be very annoying. If I were you, I would still go and see a GP. A tip for when you are still suffering from it, order a pair of heated socks or soles, that really helps a lot! I have the ones from(removed by moderator)