Frozen feet

Morning Guys

Hope your all well? Do any of you suffer from frozen feet? I find it so hard I don’t know what to do with myself. Take a look at my blog I’ve put more details on there. let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks AL

Hi, i suffer from very cold feet, i always thought it was bad circulation, but even in red hot weather my feet are so cold it often keeps me awake at night.

Sorry i haven’t got many suggestions i just buy Cosys the slippers that you can wear in bed, it doesn’t always work. I hope that helps.

Michelle x

Great blog Amazon Lady!

I like the image of you in the wheelchair with a four foot plant between your feet… lol…

I get the opposite. Burning feet. Shame we can’t swap for a while eh? At least it would be a change.

Pat xx

You can buy battery heated socks and insoles that might help, or a blast with a hairdryer would warm them up before putting on wool socks. The power plate at the gym always warms up my extremities, which suggests it is a circulation problem.

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I swear by cashmere socks and slipper boots!

Nina x

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Many people on the Biotin for Pregressive MS - facebook group - now over 2.000 ms’ers. - have stated that the first improvement in their health - has been the improvement of blood circulation which has blighted their lives with swollen/purple/ or cold feet. The increase in blood flow has also been reported by some of the men - but they are not talking about their feet. This has put a smile on their faces.

Bet they did not state that benefit on the MedDay trial.

My hands were always frozen. Even in the summer l would wear gloves when out with the dogs on my scooter. Now they are warm - and even sweaty palms at times. This is instead of going white and frozen. l used to enjoy placing my frozen hands onto my burning rosey cheeks. Can’t do that now. Actually, l don’t think my face is as red as it used to be. So blood is flowing better.

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I had an issue with circulation in my left foot - my left side is the weakest. This was apparently because you need a natural walking motion to promote blood flow in the feet, to allow the valves in the veins to work.

This has been cured by using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) when walking. Also flexing your feet on a “wobble cushion” or a “wobble board” when sitting can help. A good physiotherapist can advise on this.

I hope that is of some use!

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