For the past year my legs have been feeling very cold (frozen) especially my right leg. I have been using hot watter bottle to try and warm my feet and legs. I want to know is there any medicine I can take that can help?

Thank you

Hi Anon

Sorry I have no words of wisdom for you with regard to medication, but just wanted to let you know

you have my sympathy, as I suffer badly with this also, and to let you know you are not alone.  Always have my hot water bottle to hand

and a lovely snuggly blanket, but they are still cold.

Take care


Hi I also have freezing legs most of the time. I have an electric blanket on my side of the bed it's the best thing I've bought.  I switch it on about 10 mins before I get in. I keep it on until my legs warm up, it some times takes about 30 mins ( and I wear socks). I just watch TV for a while.


Lynne xx



l suffer with freezing legs/feet and hands - whilst my face is always hot and bright rosy red - my cheeks feel as if they are burning. l do try to exercise as much as possible on my eliptical trainer and power-plate - this is to get my blood circulating better. l  had a doppler scan of my jugulars - and l do have a blockage/restriction  - which does make me think there is something in the CCSVI theory. Otherwise why is the blood below the jugulars not circulating efficiently - whilst above the jugulars l seem to have too much.  Even in the summer l wear gloves when out on my scooter. l end up placing my freezing hands onto my burning face.

l try not to sit down for more then a few minutes - l am better if l keep moving about.


I wrap a Deamland Thermo Therapy Heatpad around my leg while watching T.V. It's not a cure but it really helps. Heatpads available from Argos or E-Bay. I have been told that the cold sensation is due to inflammation of nerves. Try it.

I've had freezing legs over the last few days which concerns me - I experienced this in December and January which I thought was due to the cold weather. It's slowed me down with my walking and affected light exercises I do each morning (well, I never did them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

i have it also and it comrs and goes, though i feel my legs are cold when i touch them they are not mad or what

I too suffer from freezing legs but I also have a burning sensation.  I was told by my neurologist that this is a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy which is caused by immobilisation of the legs.  There is no cure but pain management.  There are articles about this condition on the Internet.

Well it used to take me ages for my feet to warm up or even feel warm in bed especially, but not noticed this so much these John these days I suffer from a burning sensation in the right leg and it comes and goes in waves. It seems particularly bad in bed (especially if I am worried/stressed about anything), heats up relatively quickly (4 or 5 seconds) to a burning heat then fades (as fast) each time just before I want to shout!

I'm sure it's a 'mind' thing, so I imagine dipping my leg in a bath of ice cold water and watching it steam... which seems to quickly ease it.  Yeah I know sounds silly, but try it... it really does help!


Mike, it's not a 'mind' thing... it's a brain thing. Wrong messages getting to the nerve. But I agree that using some mental exercises can help. 

I've got tinnitus and use a 'sound machine' to try and distract my mind from the noise... but if it's hot like right now I put on the sound of the sea or the wind and I do really feel cooler. 

Pat x