Hi lovely people,

Any hints/tips on how you improve circulation? My feet have always been cold in the evening but now they are realllllly cold. I wear socks in bed (tres sexy) and some nights they are okay and other nights they are like blocks of ice (as my partner will attest to )

I just worry that this does some kind of damage?

Any thoughts greatfully received.



Hi Oonagh, mine are either freezing or boiling. Freezing at mo. Can only suggest hot water bottle… or like you, I wear socks (he he so sexy… ).

I don’t think it does any damage but I do know that a lot of MSers complain of same thing.

I see those circulation things advertised on telly… but they work by sending a vibration into your feet and legs. Don’t know about you hon but I have a strong vibration 24/7 in feet and legs… got a feeling the ‘circulation booster’ will make it worse.

Hope you’re doing ok… get those socks on and get yourself a hot water bottle… (all we need is a pink shawl and a glass for the dentures eh?)

Pat x

Well I have thought about getting the ‘big slipper’ LOL! My feet are never boiling, they’re either comfy warm or freezing, was just a bit worried that it would do some harm…a hot water bottle sounds like a good thing!..tomorrow’s purchase me thinks. I don’t have strong vibrations Pat, I just have intense pins and needles (here I go again with the pins and needles) in my feet and the ‘glove’ affect up my left leg, oh, and the lead legs. Its day 6 of my Gabapentin hooplah and no changes as yet. I know its early days but I’m slowly going from a very patient girl….

Keep well you.



I have awful circulation but it’s worse on the left side. I often have a really freezing left hand and left foot. Have some thermal bed socks which are marvelous. Don’t care that they are unsexy - my feet get warm! Teresa xx

Hi, some of you may recall that about 3 weeeks ago, I saw a gp re cold, blotchy legs. She scared me silly with a commnet…some peole lose their limbs due to this. WTF?

Anyway I had 2 doppler tests (to find pulses) and all was well. The district nurse who did the tests, got me some lightweight support socks. They have made my legs and feet warmer and pink.

luv Pollx

Hi girls,

Just wondering where you get the thermal socks from? Also wondering about the doppler test, would my GP refer me for that?



I got mine from M and S. Navy and red stripes! They were quite dear - £9.50 but well worth it! Yes, I think a GP can refer you for a doppler test. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa, so basically you’re saying I’ll look like the wicked witch of the west . Who cares LOL. As long as my tootsies feel warm…off to M and S it is!



I have no experience of these products, but you can get heated insoles, battery heated insoles and battery heated socks, which might be worth trying for outside trips.

Thank you W. Will check these out.



I think my family already think I’m the wicked witch of the west anyway, so socks only added to the picture. Lol! Teresa xx

LOL! Sooooo know what you mean…I’m Jekyll and Hyde!


Know that feeling! xx

hi oonagh

i get really cold feet used to be left now both,painful at times

got thermal sock from sport shop and bed ones from primark,they help especially in bed thankfully because my partner feed up of

cold feet waking her up

dont like sound of circulation booster if it gives you vibration, legs twitch enough as it is

stay well


Hi Steve,

Yes, I’m not sure about circulation booster…should have remembered to ask GP when chatting on Monday! Luckily my partner doesn’t mind me warming my feet on his (he’s weird like that LOL). Will definitely get some thermal socks when I can get my legs to want to walk to the shops

Thanks for post Steve



My feet only think they’re cold - I test them on my husband!! Even though it’s often my brain mixing up the messages, socks and/or a hot water bottle usually does the trick!

I know what you mean. Sometimes my feet just feel cold on the inside