Temperature differing - a weird question maybe?

I keep thinking my right foot is colder than my left one - bearing in mind MS seems to have broken my thermostat, I have had this checked by my husband to check I’m not going mad and my right foot/ankle are indeed a lot colder than the left.

I’m wondering about this as I’m not really sure that it can be nerve related, likewise I can’t think what’s causing it so wondering if maybe I need to get it checked out??

Anyone else experience anything like this?

Sonia x

I think that people with MS often have circulation problems Sonia. I find that my feet and ankles get really cold in the evenings and I have to wear thermal bed socks! However, the right side is usually worse than the left and I will often go to bed with the right sock on only. It’s weird I know. Teresa xx

Hi Sonia. I keep typing this and erasing it as I don’t want to worry you but I think it’s quite important, so sorry if I’m either worrying you or saying something you already know.

I sometimes notice a small change in temperature but if it’s really noticeable you might want to see your GP in case there is a reason like a blood clot causing problems with your circulation, especially if you get pain in your calf worsened by trying to lift your toes or any swelling or change in colour of the leg.

It could well be nothing but I sometimes worry that we blame too much on ms, and a clot could be life threatening. Hope it is just your broken thermostat though.

Take care.

Cath xx

I’m the same, I mentioned it to my GP who advised me to have a Doppler test to the circulation. It was very simple and nothing to worry about. The nurse put a blood pressure cuff round my ankle and when it was inflated listened for a pulse in my foot. Everything was fine so it’s obviously my MS.

Sarah x

Thank you all, I’m most relieved that I’m not going mad…if it was a clot then it’s been around for a while! I thought I was imagining it for quite a while, I do have to actually touch them to really establish if hot or cold a lot of the time :wink:

I need to speak to my MS nurse this week anyway so I’ll mention it and I’m seeing the physio, I literally have a post-it note stuck to my phone so I remember everything on my list lol :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your responses

Sonia x

I also had problems with cold feet. I think that circulation issues were the first thing I reported before my PPMS diagnosis. I am prescribed Nifedipine and it has made a bit of a difference. As well as improving circulation, I feel that I am a more confident when I am walking. Worth a chat to the doc.

A Neuro once told me that the problem was caused by the brain not sending signals to open up blood vessels, which seemed fair enough. Ginkgo and Niacin are supposed to help circulation, but a hair dryer or hot water bottle produce faster results.

Are your feet both the same colour, as that could indicate a circulation problem?

Hello Sonia, I have this hot and cold contrast thing too, In the evening my legs get really cold. If I cover them up I get too hot and what’s left of my mobility deserts me. We can’t win I’m afraid. I am formulating a substantial list for my next neurologist appointment, if I actually get one! I’m sure there are various medications which may help but I’m uncertain about side effects. Onward we plough screaming in the face of spasticity and fatigue. (Or generally just screaming.) Best wishes, Steve. x

My feet are either freezing or burning, seems to be no middle ground, and also sometimes when I am sat with my feet up they are painful as though I am standing on shards of glass…all very weird.

Pam x

Sonia my knees get cold my feet are warm and my thigh but my knees can be freezing how on earth that comes about I have no idea but it is a deffinate temperature difference. I hope you are ok I like the idea of the post it notr on the phone. We have two walk about phones and whenever I make notes on a pad you know which phone I am on when the doctor rings the one that is nowhere near the pad. Happy new Year …Don

Thank you everyone & Happy New Year to you all

I spoke to my MS nurse this morning and have booked in for clinic at the beginnng of Feb so that’s one job done.

I saw a GP this afternoon, he’s sent me off to my optician (but that’s another story!) and then we discussed my feet, he was of the opinion, given the timeframe, that it was likely MS BUT offered the Doppler test if wanted peace of mind. He did check the pulse in the top of my foot and the back of the ankle on the cold foot and confirmed they were strong pulses so I am less worried abou that.

So tomorrow I am back for my liver function blood test and then to the optician - sometimes I really do begrudge the time it (MS) takes up… it’s a good job I’m off work right now!

But that said, I am about to update CV and send it to a few people (today’s task!) as muc as we’d quite like another week or two off work, we need to try to secure a new contract sooner than later!!!

Take care all, you lovely people

Sonia xx

I too get the freezing or burning feet and often get the sensation of an icy draught on my legs and feet, or one hot foot and one freezing foot. It’s that bad MS elf up to his tricks. Pat xx

ps. my husband bought me a 1KG, yes 1KG, bag of peanut M&Ms from Costco today so that has generally lfted my mood :slight_smile: It is HUGE x

Ask your husband if he will marry me… Pat xx

Pat, I’ve even taken a photo of it! He has earnt himself quite a LOT of pub points this Christmas, that’s for sure

I think the only thing I could even imagine being better would be a 1KG bag of Peanut butter M&Ms but I’m not sure that it even exists?! Why are they only in America!!!

Sonia x

Hi Sonia

I too love all things peanut, but am the only one in the family who does! Enjoy them.

Pam x

Ditto Pam, Teresa xx

PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s I like the sound of and my daughter when I tell her about them will be on the plane to America ASAP

There are some specialist shops around that sell some american sweets, if you see one I can recommend the peanut butter M&Ms whole-heartedly. A good friend of mine was in the US for a couple of years and she used to bring them back for me, they are even better than Reeces pieces and I love those!

Sonia x

Sonia - have just found them on Amazon to buy! Teresa xx